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More Smack Down

Remember when I pointed out Edward Daley at the American Thinker and his comments about Bill O’Reilly? Well, Tim Blair has weighed in, and where I said that Mr. Daley is the more polished, Mr. Blair is certainly the more eloquent. Quothe Tim Blair: While we DO thank you for the gift of your fear, […]

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She’s a politician and she got glamour shots of herself! Can you imagine Nancy Pelosi with two dozen glamour shots of herself?! Augh! (Curtsy: Politburo Diktat)

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Maybe They Forgot?

Early anti-Bush demos fizzle in Canada Even the organizers didn’t show up: Efforts to contact protest organizers were unsuccessful, with the phone numbers listed by organizers remaining unanswered.

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Oh Thank God

Pig not degraded by televised sexual experience, British watchdog rules That’s a relief. I find it an amusing diversion to imagine Posh with a tape of Rebecca Loos getting the, ah, sample, that she watches whenever she’s feeling blue. Just so she can see how far that stupid woman fell.

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Wow… How… Revolutionary

A Z-List celebrity actually says something positive to get noticed, rather than the usual line of I-haven’t-worked-in-years-except-for-that-one-flop-so-I’m-going-to-visit-Iraq-and-tell-the-world-I-know-best actors. Pat Sajak has cast a Hollywood searchlight to the Netherlands. There’s another possibility; one that seems crazy on the surface, but does provide an explanation for the silence, and is also in keeping with the political climate […]

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While the Dutch Kill Theirs on Purpose

Floridians neglect theirs to death by accident. I’m tired of Scott Peterson. Does this count as murder with special circumstances (child neglect, drug use, an abomination in the sight of god, etc)?

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Say, About Those Declining Population Numbers…

This sort of thing isn’t going to help. Yes yes, the Dutch are euthanizing terminally ill babies who won’t do much for the population for very long, and it’s all very sad, but, um… Well, everyone knows the arguments.

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Must Be a Pennsylvania Thing

Just watching Tom Ridge’s press conference. Anyone else notice he sounds just like Jimmy Stewart?

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Funniest Picture of the Day

He got his star on the Walk of Fame today.

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This is What We Like to Hear

Reciprocal Boost for Israel and Italy in Joint Weapons Production Screw the Canadians. They’re too busy looking for mechanics to work on their submarines, much less weapons development. We like Geopolitical Realignment.

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Oh My Goodness

I almost made a complete mess of Peter’s monitor after reading this one. Good thing I’d swallowed my coffee before I got to the end of the paragraph. Also in the American Thinker, by Jack Kemp (not that one, the other one): I recently got around to buying the 1996 documentary movie Fire On the […]

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Bill's Talking Points Smack Down

Edward Daley at the American Thinker has a nice essay on why Bill O’Reilly irritates the crap out of him, too, and it’s a bit more polished than mine was. Sure, he’s been known to cut off more than a few babbling nitwits who’ve refused to answer his questions directly, but for the most part, […]

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Weird Hippy News of the Day

First the Courts take away your Medical Marijuana, then your lava lamp explodes.

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At Last!

Celebrities putting their hair and makeup where their mouth is.

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The Di Tapes

Sky News is doing one of its “Your Views” on those tapes that I didn’t watch last night. And most of them are the usual “let the woman rest in peace,” but this one guy says: If they were newly-found tapes of speeches by Churchill or John Kennedy they would be broadcast without any argument. […]

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