Why does anyone still read her? My head hurts. Anyway, before the aneurism swelled to painful proportions, I got as far as this:

Only in the Bush Administration can one’s consistent failures and misjudgments lead to ascension within the ranks.

Let’s discuss the Democratic success stories, shall we? Bill didn’t do anything but lose to government to the opposition, and he’s the greatest American president. Hillary’s a rabid feminist that put the feminist movement back 20 years, then stomped it into the ground when she didn’t leave the bastard over and over and over, and she’s the next nominee. Howard Dean belongs in a mental institution loaded up with tranquilizers and he’s about to become the Party Leader. Uhh, what’s-his-nose, Kerry’s Campaign guy, keeps losing campaigns, and keeps getting asked to run new ones. Et cetera and so on.

Anyway, Ethel C. Fenig linked to it on the American Thinker. Darth Vader wants you to read the whole thing, to soften your brain up for his Dark Side Jedi Mind Tricks.