Remember when I pointed out Edward Daley at the American Thinker and his comments about Bill O’Reilly? Well, Tim Blair has weighed in, and where I said that Mr. Daley is the more polished, Mr. Blair is certainly the more eloquent.

Quothe Tim Blair:

While we DO thank you for the gift of your fear, we also have to let you know this, man to wimp, blogger to incumbent media whore:

You are a twit. You’re a fraidycat. You’re a sniveling little sissy with less balls than a castrated gnat. You can dish it out, but you sure as Hell can’t take it. You’re a pathetic excuse for a human being, a spineless blob of protoplasm, a pouting little pussy, a nancy-boy, an insignificant imbecile, a gargantuan embarrassment around the base of which lesser embarrassments gather to worship, the High Priest in the Cathedral of Cowardice, a hypocrite of such magnitude that it almost requires a new dictionary definition, an invertebrate milksop and, worst of all:

You’re crowding our planet, so get the Hades off of it before you REALLY piss us off.


Meanwhile, I remembered something else that irritates the crap out of me about him. If you ever listen to his show, at the top and bottom of every hour you get stuck listening to about 10 minute clips of random people talking about how great Bill O’Reilly is, and, get this, a couple bites are actually from Bill O’Reilly.