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Happy 2005

I just deleted everything I had written. I’ve had a glass of champagne, I haven’t slept well, and I’m feeling maudlin, so it’s just as well. I hope everyone has a truly wonderful year. I hope everyone who’s lives are changing changes for the better. I hope everyone who knows anyone overseas in harm’s way […]

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The Commissar has announced he is entering a period of indefinitely light blogging. Partly, Allah’s famous comment thread at Protein Wisdom knocked me about the head. “Why do this?” is indeed a good question. That question has been hashed over endlessly, perhaps more than it merits. About all I can add is fear. Fear that […]

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Congratulations Are In Order

Hamilton’s Pamphlets has announced that a new pamphleteer is on the way. This is his fifth pamphleteer, seven total counting him and his wife. Seven Red Staters in an Indigo Blue State. Given the way the Democrats have behaved in the past weeks, I’m beginning to think that Red State Natalism is the only way […]

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Peggy Noonan’s written about the Tsunamis. Disturbances in the Earth: The biggest story of 2004 is also the oldest story in the world. The biggest story of the year happened just as big-thinking journalists went on vacation after filing their “Ten Biggest Stories of 2004” pieces. Life has a way of surprising us. This is […]

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Lego Spiderman and Other Silliness

Peter was busy yesterday finding me material, where? Slashdot? Probably. MacNN? Most likely. k10k? I’d guess so. The production quality is way better on this one than yesterdays, and it’s hilarious, even if it lacks a certain joyful innocence, like the last one. Spiderman: The Peril of Doc Ock, Alternate Ending Then, in case you […]

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Go read this Seattle Times article, then vote in the poll. See the results? Pretty spooky, eh? If you’re too lazy to vote, or the results have changed since writing this:

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day VI

This is the. funniest. thing. you will ever see on the internet. When the Zombies start dancing? Funniest thing EVER. Via A.E. Brian (Who always finds these things): Michael Jackson’s Thriller in Lego

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400,000 Gallons

Windrider at Silent Runing is in a foul mood over the idiocy of the Beeb. But in the course of his ranting, he linked to a webpage listing stats for the USS Ronald Reagan, as an example of the, you know, non-killing, practical things such really expensive bits of floating debris are capable of, and […]

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This Is Interesting

Why There Was No Warning<br/> The science–and culture–of tsunami “hazard mitigation.” <br/> BY COSTAS SYNOLAKIS Some highlights: The response of local residents and tourists, however, was unfamiliar, at least to tsunami field scientists for post-1990s tsunamis. In one report, swimmers felt the current associated with the leading depression wave approaching the beach, yet hesitated about getting […]

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Jerry Orbach Died

He was old, but I’m finding this a little hard to believe. He’s been working. Maybe you feel like someone who’s working doesn’t die unless they’re forced into retirement. And he was all over the TV just a few months ago talking about the new L&O as his golden parachute, and being all funny about […]

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Oh That's Spooky

Today I was looking through wire photos of death and destruction in the tsunami zones, and thought, what about the animals? Then I was watching Jennifer Griffin on FOXnews walk around a beach describing the stench as “disgusting” because of the bloated bodies, and I thought, well heck, what about the dead animals? Then we […]

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What A Bunch of A-Holes!

From Powerline: As inevitable as the attempt to blame the natural disaster in Asia on human greed and stupidity (see below) is the rejection by a third world government of help from an Israeli aid mission. Israel was prepared to send a 150-person team to Sri Lanka. The delegation was “planning to assemble a medical […]

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The Word's Attention Span

The Beeb thinks it sucks. World helps – but will it forget?<br/> By Paul Reynolds <br/> World Affairs correspondent, BBC News website It is better of course than it used to be. When Krakatoa erupted near Java and Sumatra one August day in 1883, about 40,000 people died, many of them in tsunamis triggered by […]

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God and Australians

Go read this at A.E. Brain. Save ’em all, and let God sort them out It’s all you need to know.

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50,000 people are wiped out by a big wave, and FOXnews is wining about hungry people in Harlem. I was just at a post-Christmas open-house holiday party thing, and a friend of the family was there, and his daughter, who’s in the Navy (as was he, his brother, his father, all through Annapolis, and he’s […]

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