Windrider at Silent Runing is in a foul mood over the idiocy of the Beeb. But in the course of his ranting, he linked to a webpage listing stats for the USS Ronald Reagan, as an example of the, you know, non-killing, practical things such really expensive bits of floating debris are capable of, and that sucker can distill 400,000 gallons of sea water a day.

His comments were funny:

Modern Naval Vessels are amazing pieces of machinery. Now, while the peace loving souls of the BBC may only be myopic enough to see the more spectacular uses for such contraptions (such as launching wave after wave of precision guided muniton carrying aircraft to pulverize anything and everything within a given radius of flight). Aside from these hegemonic, imperialistic, and cravenly warmongering applications, they also do more mundane day to day things. Things that appear to obviously go totally unnoticed and unappreciated by the average hystrionic and incredulous correspondent of the Brainless Blithering Corporation.

And more. With links.

And how much do we spend on these fresh-water-producing wonders? Hmm? Quite a bit, right? And what are we, Oz, NZ, etc doing with these unbelievably expensive little trophies? Helping the world. So put that in your pipe and smoke it, Mr. UN-Thinks-The-US-Is-Stingy.