Peter was busy yesterday finding me material, where? Slashdot? Probably. MacNN? Most likely. k10k? I’d guess so.

The production quality is way better on this one than yesterdays, and it’s hilarious, even if it lacks a certain joyful innocence, like the last one.

Spiderman: The Peril of Doc Ock, Alternate Ending

Then, in case you need a laugh after looking at all the horridness going on in the Indian Ocean you can have a laugh looking at what a bunch of misguided, spoiled brats can get themselves up to in beautiful Seattle. I can’t even place half the pictures, except the obivous Nike Town one. Crazy.

Then he sent me this:

Skor Grimm, What’s wrong with this Picture?

This is not an election. This is a circus. Did I miss something? Are we no longer living in the twenty-first century? Cardboard boxes with names scribbled on them? And why is he holding the ballot up to the light? What could he possibly be looking for? Did the voter use a watermark to indicate who they wanted elected for governor? This is utterly ridiculous.

And lastly, the Iraq War Was Wrong Blog. Silliness in the extreme.