From Powerline:

As inevitable as the attempt to blame the natural disaster in Asia on human greed and stupidity (see below) is the rejection by a third world government of help from an Israeli aid mission. Israel was prepared to send a 150-person team to Sri Lanka. The delegation was “planning to assemble a medical facility comprised of specialist doctors, and to set up emergency, internal medicine and pediatric departments, as well as laboratory and X-ray facilities in the southern part of Sri Lanka.” However, Sri Lanka refused to accept the mission. Israel nonetheless is dispatching supplies at Sri Lanka’s request, including 10,000 blankets contributed by the Israeli army, along with tents, nylon sheeting and water containers.

Y’know, it’s crap like this that makes me want to get caught in a tsunami and accept help from the Israelis. Or…no wait. At any rate, poor Israel. I’d accept their specialist internal emergent medicinal help any time! Yeah!

Oh, and before I post this, I’d just like to point out that the a-holes are not the poor soles that are caught in the tsunami and require emergency medicine, but the moron people in charge of seeing that they don’t receive it. I’m sure that man screaming in anguish over the limp dead body of his son would take a little help from an Israeli if it meant the difference, for the love of…

PS, I’m reading further down Powerline now, and they’re all worked up over the colossal moron that wrote this article:

Human activities contributed to tsunami’s ravages: environmental expert

Human activities, notably the building of coastal resorts and the destruction of natural protection, contributed to the enormous loss of life from killer tidal waves that hit the shores of the Indian Ocean after an earthquake, an environmental expert said…

“When a tsunami comes in, it first hits the coral reef which slows it down, then it hits the mangroves which furthers slow it down. It may get through that but by then a lot of the energy has already been dissipated.”

First of all, the presence of anything on the ocean floor, be it coral reefs or discarded tires, would force the tidal wave to slow down, which would make it do what, boys and girls? That’s right, grow higher and more powerful. The mangrove trees, then, would do absolutely nothing, because if you watch the freaking tapes, and you turned off the saturday morning cartoons for a few moments, you’d realize that a tsunami, or tidal wave, does not come at you like a big wall of water, but as a wave that comes, normally, even, but then doesn’t stop, just rises and rises and rises and moves further and further inland. And as was evident in those videos, it managed to get past concrete hotels and only tore them to shreds, so a freaking mangrove tree probably wouldn’t do much else, unless they were behind a huge wall of sandbags.

And another thing, let’s step back and remember where we are in the world, shall we? Hmm? Before the knee-jerk blame-the-US bit got really popular, and environmentalists were actually interested in -gee, how novel- saving the environment, they were concerned about who, now? Why, that’s right! Citizens of small nations in south asia who were so poor they turned to their only and most accessible natural resource: trees! And where were those trees? Why, in rainforests! That’s right! Home to most the world’s species, absolutely! And what was the only thing that kept these precious rainforests standing? Right again! Tourism! Ergh.