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But here’s something to keep you Australians and Asians occupied through the long American Continent night.

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Okay, everyone’s already properly fisked the “Good For the Iraqis. But There Were Problems” articles out there, Tim Blair probably best of all. I’d just like to ask one question, and I only took one semester of Journalism, but I did read the Associated Press Stylebook pretty closely, and I do remember something from the […]

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This Made Me Laugh

And laugh, and laugh, and laugh, and laugh.. HMCS Chicoutimi Update Not the original post, but the update. I’m proud to have contributed to such a popular blog devoted to a subject requiring so narrow an expertise.

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Pure Gold

Mark Steyn: The ‘civil war’ that wasn’t What more can I say? Oh all right, just a taste, but you have to read the whole thing: AND so the “looming Iraqi election fiasco” joins “the brutal Afghan winter” and “the brutal Iraqi summer” and “the seething Arab street” and all the other junk in the […]

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Peter Recommends V

Japanese Toilets culled from this Gizmodo entry, in which the following is pointed out: This isn’t particularly new—in fact, it could be as old as the hills, if the hills were made in the ’90s. But there has never been a fancy Japanese toilet control panel I haven’t enjoyed looking at and this is certainly […]

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God I'm Old

If 30 is a lifetime, and I’m 24… Oi. Or maybe, like shoe sizes, the goal post is being moved to make rich people feel good about themselves (I used to be an 8. Now I’m down to as little as a 6.5.). Everyone was so shocked and scandalized when Lauren Bacall said that Nicole […]

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I just wanted a quick rant about yogourt. American yogourt, specifically. I bought Yoplait’s lo-carb yogourt, not because I’m on the Atkins diet, but because it said it has less sugar. And American yogourt is always too sweet. But it’s not less sweet. Instead it’s got this weird chalky aftertaste. And it’s a really strange […]

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Peter Recommends IV

A different sort of story about bravery and resourcefulness in the face of certain death: Man peed way out of avalanche In the Slovak Tatra mountains: He said: “I was scooping the snow from above me and packing it down below the window, and then I peed on it to melt it. It was hard […]

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Show Support Softly and Carry a Big Stick

This is great. Beef always wins – Got ink?

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Graphologists in Need of a Hobby

Davos doodles: Gates is aggressive, unstable; Blair isn’t This could be the funniest, most absurd story of the year. British papers went for a wild ride last week on the strength of a few doodles left behind on the podium at the World Economic Forum in Davos. The doodles were erroneously attributed to UK Prime […]

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Go Thunder

Today’s Thunderer: No, Chris. Aids is different, by Mary Kenny In some parts of the Third World there is a repellent superstition — which missionaries in the 19th century previously observed in association with syphilis — that the “cure” for sexually transmitted disease is to have intercourse with a young virgin. Thus, young girls in […]

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A Different Perspective

Perhaps. This is by an Iranian: The ballot box beats the coffin, by Amir Taheri AS IRAQIS voted in their first truly free election, they may have noticed a slogan on some walls in Baghdad and parts of the Sunni Triangle: Min al-sanduq il-al-sanduq. Its literal translation is “from the box into the box”. But […]

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Photos of the Day

The ones I keep looking at are this one at NZ Pundit and this first one at INDC Journal. There are others, pointed out by others, that keep making the rounds, and are just as good, but every time I hit Reload All Tabs and go through them, those two I just keep staring at, […]

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Blinks Updated

Okay, I’m finally doing some housekeeping. I even vacuumed today, in the real world, so there must be something in the water. I finally came to terms with the Commissar taking the Politburo Diktat off the front burner in favour of the IED blog. So he’s been bumped down into the alphabetical section. If you’ll […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day XXX

Is a headline, at Dennis the Peasant (who, as he points out, got linked by both Instapundit and Roger L. Simon in the very afternoon his blog began) which goes: Aha! Now We See The Violence Inherent In The System! If you don’t get why that’s funny, lookit “his” picture in the top right of […]

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