Remember this guy? Najma’s uncle, whom I linked to the other day, because he had a really interesting personal post about the election:

The Ultimate Voters Guide

Well, he was debating with himself whether or not to vote. This is what he wrote today:

I did

I’m feeling a bit weepy, all of a sudden.

And look who I found in the comments:

Alan E. Brain!, of A.E. Brain Fame!

Najma’s jealous:

(UPDATE: Now I really am jealous.. Grandma, my aunt and my uncle voted today, they’re all in Baghdad so it was easier for them..)

I thought this was really funny. She was looking for quotes about elections and voting, and got all these cynical depressing things. So she says:

I wonder why wise men didn’t like voting! Search for quotes encouraging us to vote.. They’re very few! But the one telling us not to vote are too many that I had to choose which one to put here..

I guess reporters fall into the “Wise Men” category?

Update: Another one of her links, Diary From Bagdhad had this, simply, to say:

I did it, I voted

YES,YES, I did it. I have the courage to do it.

That’s just booteeful.