I was just watching him on FOXnews, gushing about how great today is, with this huge grin. He could barely contain himself. He showed pictures of all these Mosulians (Mosulians?) walking to the polling places, which was really nice to see, and kept comparing it to the Berlin Wall falling and the Civil Rights movement in the south. He talked to Shepard Smith, who’s in Baghdad, who went through the various explosions there. A couple Iraqi policemen were killed, but no civilians, and a polling place was razed by an IED, but no one was inside. So, hopefully the terrorists will see that and save their bombs for another day. Perhaps long enough that they’ll be caught.

At any rate, Deacon’s staying up late watching too. Random people across the country, watching the same ebullient, mustachioed correspondent.

He proves, btw, once again why I never watch CNN. TiVo knows someone is watching when I watch, and I don’t want that news to get to CNN. Buggers.