Davos doodles: Gates is aggressive, unstable; Blair isn’t

This could be the funniest, most absurd story of the year.

British papers went for a wild ride last week on the strength of a few doodles left behind on the podium at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

The doodles were erroneously attributed to UK Prime Minister Tony Blair and half a dozen papers hired graphologists to analyse the scratchings.

The result? Mr Blair was found to be “an aggressive, unstable man under enormous pressure, struggling to keep his irritability under control,” according to a story (recanting its original story) in the London Times Online.

“He is not a natural leader, but more of a spiritual person, like a vicar,” The Independent’s analyst pronouced.

But Downing Street said the notes weren’t Mr Blair’s at all, but had been left behind by Bill Gates, Microsoft’s Chief Architect, with whom Mr Blair — and U2 star Bono, as well as Bill Clinton and Thabo Mbeki — had shared the podium.

The press scoffed — but Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation public relations personnel have said, yes, the notes were indeed generated by Mr Gates.

There ya go. Everything you ever wanted to know about Bill Gates, besides, perhaps, how much he actually allows himself to spend on toilet paper. Does his household buy from Safeway like the rest of us? Or does he order online from IWannaLiveLikeAnArabSheik.com?