Iraq is now the home of the brave – and soon the free, By Mark Steyn

I find this interesting, in the grand scheme of things:

But nevertheless there they were, prosperous, well-dressed Spaniards waving placards showing US missiles and dollar bills going into the ballot box and noisily objecting to the fraud of a so-called election held under American occupation.

Given the fact that the voters of Baghdad and Basra and Kirkuk showed the cojones the Spaniards failed to last March, you’d think those protesters would have been less careless about reminding us that the terrorists got a much better election result out of the Spanish electorate than they did from the Iraqis.

Usually, I find, when something overwhelmingly tragic happens, entire societies’ behaviour for literally centuries are excused as the justifiable emotional response. Like the Crusades, or the French Revolution.

So Spain gets bombed, 350 people die, and within days they’ve elected a Socialist America Hater and pulled completely out of Iraq. Many people would raise their eyebrows and perhaps shuffle a few papers to stifle the obvious response, but usually no one would actually articulate it out loud. And yet, it’s becoming quite acceptable to openly and loudly mock the Spaniards as a bunch of wastrel cowards.

I’m just sayin’.

If Theo van Gogh hadn’t been killed, he’d doubtless already be working on Submission Part Two, a short film set backstage at a European film festival about a Western culture so reflexively craven that nothing can rouse it to defend itself. Submission Part Three will be about the first Muslim woman to have her unemployment benefit cut for refusing a job as dominatrix in a Frankfurt bondage dungeon.


Read it, all the way to the end.