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Get Hollywood On the Phone!

This is a great story at CA Yankee. Some Hollywood producer needs to buy the guy’s story speedy-like. “Suicide Bomber” Enabled Capture Of Zarqawi’s Lieutenants

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A Beautiful Day in Baghdad

PowerLine has pictures from a variety of cities. Even the weather was lovely. Update: Cute! Michelle Malkin – BLUE INK SOLIDARITY Ten-year-old Shelby Dangerfield of Billings, Montana, has launched a campaign to show solidarity with Iraqi voters. Lookit the picture! Update II: More pics at Beef always wins, of a slightly loftier sort.

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Geraldo Brings Bloggers Together

I was just watching him on FOXnews, gushing about how great today is, with this huge grin. He could barely contain himself. He showed pictures of all these Mosulians (Mosulians?) walking to the polling places, which was really nice to see, and kept comparing it to the Berlin Wall falling and the Civil Rights movement […]

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A Mark of Freedom, Indeed

Iraqi Voting Link Roundup (in case you didn’t know about the Friends of Democracy blog. The Mark of Freedom……, one of Najma’s links. She voted Friday morning. Lookit the picture. PS, another of her links: Democracy in Iraq (is coming: A blog by an Iraqi on the future of Iraq, an Iraqi who is excited […]

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2001 DA42

From A.E. Brain: Via A Voyage to Arcturus, an article from MSNBC : Asteroid Douglasadams was among the 71 newly named celestial objects announced Tuesday by the International Astronomical Union’s Minor Planet Center in Cambridge, Mass. Read the rest. Meanwhile, there’s an early review of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy movie. I won’t read […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day XXIX

Tim Blair – Film Viewed A devout Baptist couple who bought a Doris Day DVD were shocked to find a sex film instead. Still, they got their money’s worth: Alan and Anne Leigh-Browne, from Wellington, Somerset, had been expecting to enjoy The Pajama Game. Instead they were confronted by Italian sex film – Tettone che […]

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I Must Be Terribly Important

I get the same referrer spam Charles Johnson does!

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7.55 AM

Trolling the news sites for info about the elections. It’s not quite 8 am there, yet there are very few substantive articles. I can only take that to mean “so far, so good.” I’m sure if half Baghdad were under rubble and broken glass, it would be everywhere.

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Hrmmm Thar

From Instapundit, A Very Special Effect Looking at the latest pictures of pre-election violence in Iraq, this little gem fairly leapt out at me. Look at the pictures carefully, then read the analysis below. Look at them, do, then read the analysis below. You know what it reminds me of? Those pictures taking during the […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day XXIII

I saw this on the FOXnews crawler this afternoon and thought to meself, eh what? I see I had not been hallucinating. LGF – 1/28/2005: Adopt-a-Nazi in Oregon With pictures and simply hilarious comments by Charles Johnson. Just sayin’. hee hee

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Election Photo

PowerLine has an incredible picture of a man voting in Michigan, in tears because his son, who died in the 1990-91 Shiite uprising, couldn’t vote with him. There was a remarkable woman on the news today, voting in, I think, LA, hobbling along the polling place on a cane, with a middle aged relative, a […]

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Good Movie

We just watched Pirates of the Caribbean. It’s very 1950s swashbuckling. Or at least in the same spirit. Carrying the mantle, if you will. Peter saw it when it first came out on DVD, but didn’t like it much then. He still thinks it’s too long, but that’s what everyone thinks about those old pirate […]

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Oh. My. Goodness.

Tasty Bite Free shipping for orders over $50! And they’re cheaper than at Larry’s! I cook a lot of indian, and these are good for a second course with leftovers, or a huge pot of rice on those (very) rare occasions I’m feeling lazy… This is just wonderful. I’m sure no one cares, but I’m […]

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Peter Recommends III

Sinfest – A comic strip he’s been sending me all day. This one’s funny, too. And this one I thought was hilarious.

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Neil Cavuto Used Bad Words!

About the UN! TiVo (bless ‘im) recorded Your World today, so I just watched the Common Sense section. It’s not nearly as good in print, but here it is (if you have nothing else to do at 10.55 tonight and the TVs on, turn on FOXnews): True Colors (Emphases mine) So the United Nations (search) […]

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