Japanese Toilets culled from this Gizmodo entry, in which the following is pointed out:

This isn’t particularly new—in fact, it could be as old as the hills, if the hills were made in the ’90s. But there has never been a fancy Japanese toilet control panel I haven’t enjoyed looking at and this is certainly no exception. Even better, it’s just a small excerpt from a fantastic article on Wikipedia that details more about Japanese toilets and their Number 2 cultural obsession than any one person really needs to know.

And, via Ashton Kutcher and other celebs opt for massive CXT pick-up:


As the nominees for the Academy Awards were announced last week, favorite Ashton Kutcher failed to capture a Best Actor nomination, leaving the Hollywood community stunned. Kutcher’s inspiring performance in 2004’s “The Butterfly Effect” moved critics and audiences alike, and most observers believed Kutcher was a shoe-in for an Oscar nomination. “I can’t believe Jamie Foxx got a nomination for that ‘Ray’ movie but Ashton got completely ignored,” says New York Times critic Walter Henson. “It’s a slap in the face to any actor who pours out his soul on the big screen and touches a nation with his incredible talent.”

The autoblog article says he’s purchased a semi. uh huh.

And, another Sinfest.