The ones I keep looking at are this one at NZ Pundit and this first one at INDC Journal.

There are others, pointed out by others, that keep making the rounds, and are just as good, but every time I hit Reload All Tabs and go through them, those two I just keep staring at, even though nothing’s changed. Which is, I suppose, the best test.

By the way, you Britons out there (all zero to two of you), when I was in London in the fall of 2001, the weekend we took a bus tour through Scotland the US invaded Afghanistan. A few weeks later the Taliban were for all intents and purposes out of power in Kabul. At least they weren’t enforcing the usual rules, too busy surviving the daisy-cutters et al.

Whatever that day was, on the front page of one of the newspapers, perhaps the Telegraph, perhaps the Independent, certainly not the Times, Financial Times, or the Sun (I’d have remembered), there was a huge picture of a public street or square in Kabul, and in the middle of a tightly-packed crowd of women in Burkas, all in black and shades of grey, a single woman, a white face against the veils, had thrown her veil off and was looking straight at the camera. She was an incredibly striking woman, for one thing, and it was just such a moving picture, for another. I think it represented just about everything we’ve done in the past few years, at least to my mind. Then one of my fellow students walked off with that newspaper, already a day or two old, and it was forever lost to me.

An American friend I met there was providing solace, and told me if it was such a moving picture as I claimed, it would pop up again in another newspaper, or in one of those end-of-the-year photo essay pieces, but it never did. If anyone knows what I’m talking about, I’d love to know I didn’t dream it.