The only reason I would ever countenance a Hillary administration would be watching Bill as First Husband spend every waking minute from July to December planning the Christmas decorations with the household staff and the pastry chefs. If he could refrain from pinching the maids’ bottoms. Perhaps he’d order some of those little French Maid outfits. Hah! An official domestic position for the ol’ sleaze-meister.

Of course Condi’s single. Maybe that aunt of hers that was at the swearing in ceremony would stand in as first lady, assuming she’s Condi’s closest American Citizen relative, that is. She looks like the kind of formidable woman that could whip the staff into shape.


I love this woman:

Birmingham’s New Legacy: How the work of Martin Luther King Jr. and the murder of Denise McNair led to our new secretary of State. by Scott Johnson

Read that. I especially like the bit tying Byrd in.

Isn’t it interesting, though, how many people that other people want to run are women? Hillary and Condi on the serious side, Babs Boxer on the other. And there’s been nary a peep from the misogynist pigs in the world. Interesting.