I just wanted a quick rant about yogourt. American yogourt, specifically. I bought Yoplait’s lo-carb yogourt, not because I’m on the Atkins diet, but because it said it has less sugar. And American yogourt is always too sweet. But it’s not less sweet. Instead it’s got this weird chalky aftertaste. And it’s a really strange radioactive pink colour. Very odd. Don’t buy it.

I say American yogourt, even if Yoplait is a French company, because I can say with reasonable certainty that most French people wouldn’t touch this crap with a ten foot electric cow prod.

The best yogourt I’ve ever had is from Quebec, Liberté Six Grains. You can’t get it here. Only in Canada. If you’re ever in an IGA in Canada, buy it. I recommend the Raspberry/Framboise. It’s got buckwheat, rice, barley, wheat, rye, and oats in it, and it’s not too sweet, and it’s not a strange colour that’s going to turn your insides into something unnatural looking, and if anyone has ever seen it sold here I’ll give you my firstborn*.

**not legally binding*