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Most Excellent Point of the Day

The Daily Demarche – I hope the left sleeps well tonight. This homicide bombing in Iraq has really gotten to me. None of the people killed today was a Theo van Gogh, Europe will not mourn their passing. None of them will buy a Bushitler t-shit, moveon.org could not care less for them. It is […]

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Troubled Waters

I have had the most unusual proposition, and it has stirred up the silt in my head. My thoughts are quite cloudy, as a result. Anyway, back in Seattle. Typically copious, multitudinous, prodigious blogging resumes tomorrow.

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Perhaps Not

Read this: Behind the Oscars screen, by Robert Lusetich It’s turned me right off the whole affair. If we’re home from Salinas in time, perhaps I’ll watch the opening song and dance, check out Chris Rock, then do the non-smoking version of: Most celebrities sit through the first 20 minutes – until the supporting actor […]

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Doop Doop Doop

Kinda bored. Everyone at church. Mother driving me crazy. We’re going to the Steinbeck museum in Salinas later. Today is the last day for an exhibit on Doc Ricketts, who wrote Between Pacific Tides, which was my mother’s bible when she was in school. So she’s pretty excited. And they have a family membership since […]

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Obligatory Post

Not a day has gone by since I started this blog where I haven’t posted at least several times, but today, alas, but once. I’m tired. If a plane has something wrong with it, that needs fixing, which would take an hour, with 90 or so bodies breathing all over each other and sweating, wouldn’t […]

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Random Thoughts

Richard Boucher, the State Department’s Spokesman, has the most wonderful speaking voice. I could have him read the phone book to me, and I would be just so relaxed. So tranquil. So peaceful. There’s a little sidebar article in Wired about RSS feeders with ads. Perhaps my RSS readers will be enticed to visit my […]

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Under the Bed

Because of the customary and predicably horrible and gloomy weather we’ve been having, the gardeners pulled up this morning with their leaf blowers and a huge truck full of soil, the cab of which growled and roared for a couple hours, because they didn’t want to shut the six-ton engine off, the jerks. So Shasta […]

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Oh Crap

Augh! See, this is why I hate shows like the West Wing! A star from Mosul – What’s happening? Supported with photos I see a series on the satellite, The west wing, it’s a nice series, and I really like the president in it.. But, the ad of the series (the one that shows what […]

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L'Irak Nous Accueil

The Edge of England’s Sword has been brought out and sharpened after a long absence, and his friend emailed him some pictures of a protest in Brussels, which are worth looking at. The Edge of England’s Sword – Hope in the Heart of Darkness

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The Oscars Just Got a Little More Interesting

I’ll be at home, so I might watch it. Only one of my friends knows I’m coming, and he’s the oldest and the busiest, but the one that lives closest, so it’s unlikely I’ll see him but if I do I’ll know I won’t be putting him out. Point being, I doubt I’ll have anything […]

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Calm Down, It's Art.

Okay, everyone is jumping up and down because Ward Churchill copied photographs and other paintings for his “original artwork.” It’s okay, it’s still art. Just like Andy Warhol was an artist, and all the other pop artists. Doing an image transfer with a glossy magazine picture and some lighter fluid is considered art, writing your […]

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Peter Recommends XIX

“Wow what an ass:” Library Journal – Revenge of the Blog People! By Michael Gorman A blog is a species of interactive electronic diary by means of which the unpublishable, untrammeled by editors or the rules of grammar, can communicate their thoughts via the web. (Though it sounds like something you would find stuck in […]

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Jacko's Tummy Hurts, Woman Dies

ABC News – Family: Heart Attack Victim Moved for Michael Jackson A woman who had suffered a massive heart attack died after hospital personnel moved her out of a trauma room to accommodate a flu-stricken Michael Jackson, the patient’s family said. Jury selection in Jackson’s child molestation child had to be temporarily postponed Feb. 15 […]

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John's Word

The Big Story With John Gibson was on a FOXnews Alert, so the format was off, and he couldn’t deliver his My Word. Which is a shame, because, after a few days of nothing serious to talk about, it’s so good today. But he posts it anyway, so here it is. John is not a […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day XLVIII

I saw this this morning and though, “Oh, lord. Bunch of children.” Then Chrenkoff swoops in and saves the day, turns the tables, and generally earns multitudinous mixed metaphors. Chrenkoff – The joke’s on “USA Today” Drudge reports: “President Bush addressed Slovakian citizens on the merits of freedom during an open air public address in […]

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