Steve Forbes:

Thank You, Poland–Not

Poland is a European nation that has steadfastly supported us in Iraq. It has almost 2,000 troops there. Before the war and after, Warsaw underwent withering criticism from France and Germany over its stout support for us in combating Islamic fascism.

And how have we thanked Poland? By giving it the diplomatic equivalent of the back of our hand concerning a problem that means a lot to a country whose citizens have millions of relatives in the U.S. We refuse to make Poland part of our special Visa Waiver Program. The VWP enables most citizens of 27 countries to travel to the U.S. for tourism or business purposes for 90 days or less without obtaining a visa. Poland is not one of those 27 nations. Incredibly, France and Germany are.

Poles who wish to visit the U.S. must go through our laborious visa hoops. To add insult to injury, we require visa applicants there (and elsewhere) to pony up $100 with their visa application. That $100 is nonrefundable–if your application isnot accepted, too bad. Uncle Sam keeps the money.

It isn’t as if Poland were a hotbed of terrorism. It’s one of the few nations in the world where our top diplomats can travel without an armada of security. The country is solidly pro-American. In fact, it was the only nation in Europe, among those polled about our presidential election, that would have elected George Bush over John Kerry.

Is this any way to treat a stalwart ally?

Nope. Here’s, btw, Chrenkoff:

Visa requirements still in place – thanks, Senator Byrd  – Nov 20 <br/> Kerry’s “Coalition of the Bribed” gets bribed by Kerry – Oct 25 <br/> Amen to that – Aug 8