Not a day has gone by since I started this blog where I haven’t posted at least several times, but today, alas, but once.

I’m tired. If a plane has something wrong with it, that needs fixing, which would take an hour, with 90 or so bodies breathing all over each other and sweating, wouldn’t it make sense to open both doors, or at least one door, so the recycled air doesn’t just spread the filth around?

That’s right, ladies and gents, my flight got in last night an hour late. And we had house guests so I had to sleep in my sister’s room (she had the mattress on the floor, ah hah) but she has the hardest mattress known to mankind, I swear to god.

Then got up at 6 for a day of Catholicism. It was actually really fun, and really positive, and very upbeat, our little conference. There were 80 people, when they had originally expected 20, and were thrilled beyond belief when it got up to 40. So it might have legs, this New Feminism.

So my guilt feels slightly assuaged after all these years of lapsed Catholicism. I’m still skipping church though. Bigger debrief tomorrow, perhaps.

Other than that, slow news day. We were sitting around with our Sleepy Time tea when we got home a few hours ago, watching my sister’s hamster ramble across the table, when I remembered yesterday’s bombing in Tel Aviv, and I thought how strange it is, one day away from the media, and all that just ceases to exist.