Augh! See, this is why I hate shows like the West Wing!

A star from Mosul – What’s happening? Supported with photos

I see a series on the satellite, The west wing, it’s a nice series, and I really like the president in it.. But, the ad of the series (the one that shows what time they show this series) has a scene in which he says, “When someone hurts an American, any American, we don’t get back with a portion of response, we come back with a total disaster”.. This is what’s happening. The blood of the Arabs, or of the non-Americans is so cheap.. The blood of Americans is the one that counts.

Flipping heck, people!

I’m not turning to another Riverbend, nor joining the Jarrars, I’m Najma, an Arab Muslim, who just can’t believe that her neighbors (Syria, which has very, very nice people, and Lebanon, who has very very nice people too) are fighting. Being in a war, for almost my whole life, I can see the war in a different angle than yours, as being set.. And I’m NOT brainwashed..And I think Syria is innocent, and a victim too.


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