I’ll be at home, so I might watch it. Only one of my friends knows I’m coming, and he’s the oldest and the busiest, but the one that lives closest, so it’s unlikely I’ll see him but if I do I’ll know I won’t be putting him out. Point being, I doubt I’ll have anything better to do. If I were here, though, there’s an Agatha Christie on CBC, which we don’t get in CA, but don’t worry, it’s being TiVoed.

Polipundit found this article, which is terribly interesting.

Slate – Chris Rock: The William F-ing Buckley of stand-up. By John Swansburg

Far from an encomium to fetus killing, Rock’s abortion bit is an attack on women for the frivolous manner in which they decide whether or not to keep a child. “When a woman gets pregnant, it’s a choice between the woman”—here Rock pauses, a mischievous grin barely restrained—”and her girlfriends.” From there: “One girlfriend goes, ‘Child, you should have that baby—that man got some good hair…’ And the other girlfriend says, ‘Child, why we even talking about this—ain’t we supposed to go to Cancun next week? Get rid of that baby!’ ” And that, Rock says, “is how life is decided in America.”

Take, for instance, the opening numbers in Bigger & Blacker, the HBO special Rock did in 1999. He begins with a discussion of the Columbine shootings, then recent, dismissing attempts to examine the shooters’ psychology. “What ever happened to crazy?” he demands. He next turns to gun control, which he’s against, and single mothers, whom he also doesn’t like. “If a kid calls his grandma ‘mama’ and his mama ‘Pam,’ he’s going to jail,” Rock explains. To all the women who leave their kids at home so they can pop some bubbly at the club, Rock has this advice: “Go take care of those kids before they rob me in 10 years.”

Sub a few $10 words for some F bombs, and this material could almost have come out of the hallowed jowls of William F. Buckley Jr. Obviously not all of Rock’s material has this bent—no decent comedian would limit himself to ribbing one side of the aisle. Rock has joked that joining a political party is like joining a gang; of his own political beliefs, he says on crime he’s conservative, on prostitution he’s liberal. But at bottom, there’s no denying the right-leaning strain underlying his social commentary. Even his economic outlook is Republican: Black people, he says, would do well to take their money out of rims and put it into stocks.

See, the reason I’m not as ebullient about the Oscars this year is because I haven’t seen any of the movies. I wanted to see Finding Neverland, and I’ll probably rent it when it comes out, but if I’d gone to see Million Dollar Baby when it came out, like I wanted to, before Rush Limbaugh did the unthinkable by giving away the ending, I would have been pissed off.

Chris Rock’s comments about only gay men watching the Oscars, then is kind of, I think, true. Peter’s not going to watch it. This isn’t exactly Bob Hope hosting, and all those classics we still watch up for awards, like Gone With the Wind. Is anyone going to be running Sideways at the Stanford Theater in 60 years? I doubt it. The only reason anyone watches is to see what people are wearing and trying to catch the stars sneaking out to smoke. Point being: It’s ridiculous! Why should any of us be interested anymore, when all the movies are disturbing art house flicks that only a couple rich bored people bothered to see? So if he wants to point this out, good for him.

And as for the shock that he’d say that sort of thing about abortion or crime, all I have to say is “Duh!” He’s a smart guy. He wouldn’t be as successful if he were not. And if being a “good person” means supporting frivolous abortions and slum lords squandering what they have on their rims rather than their children, well then the Dems have a problem.

This doesn’t make him a republican, but it might make people like him reconsider their political options, won’t it?

My favourite movies this year, btw, were The Incredibles and The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.


Roger L Simon – Oscar Award Blahs… (but here’s how I voted)

I think I agree with pretty much everything, from what I can gather from prior experience and the rumor mill. I think it’s important to emphasise that Hillary Swank got started on 90210. For a “talented actress,” that’s a bit like a “real actress” getting started in soft core pr0n.

And Baldilocks makes several excellent points about Chris Rocks:

Baldilocks – Rock (at) the Oscars! (UPDATED)

Basically a one’s sins may be forgiven if they run along the lines of loose morals and calling the President of the country a key spot on the female anatomy. But joking about gays and abortion (which maybe need a little lightening up) is not allowed.