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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day LXV

William Shatner – It Hasn’t Happened Yet Trust me. You won’t regret it. The lady singing backup, btw, has an amazing voice. And she’s super-cool looking. But then, while we have iTunes open, some other videos Peter sent me. First: Graham Coson – Freakin’ Out Not really my cup of tea, but pretty cool. And […]

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Extended Metaphor of the Day

This is pretty funny, too. The Shape of Days – About that intelligence commission report

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Fun Rant of the Day

Can be found at: NZ Pundit – Bog Off and Die Ahh, I love it.

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This is hilarious. India Uncut – High marks for safe sex Just add it to the rapidly growing list of creative uses devised in the part of the world that the UN-types stuffs full of condoms without bothering to change the behaviour problems making them necessary.

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Happy As a Pig In Slop

Ward Churchill goes to San Francisco and meets a couple anarchists. Mostly safe for work, except the one with the middle-aged nudists, one of whom practices a particular sort of body-modification I, for one, have never heard of. But then I’m fairly sheltered. But look at him. He just looks so at home. None of […]

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More School Silliness

So Michelle Malkin’s got this big thing up about a girl that brought a picture of her big brother to school, with a couple of his, ah, coworkers, and it was refused. See, the brother’s a marine, his coworkers are marines, and they’re carrying – gasp – guns! in this picture. But see, the girl’s […]

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Peter Recommends XXV

BizarreRecords.com. Broken into such self-explanatory categories as “Nice Ladies!”, “Dummies!”, “Christmas Cheer!”, “Mulletts!!”, “Men in Uniform!”. Yes, Mullets!! got two !-marks. Then there’s “Big Hair for Jesus!” This is important stuff, people. It’s this sort of thing that has turned entire generations off Christian Music forever. Wow, some of these belly dancer ones.. Well, some […]

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The Useful Sun

Another article about my favourite moralist gay camp 80’s pop star. It’s frightfully entertaining, but a couple lines leapt out at me. ThisisLondon – By George! By Frances Hardy, Daily Mail So, when George acquired a near-lethal heroin and cocaine habit in the mid-1980s, it was his brother David who – to shock his sibling […]

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Headline of the Day – 3.31

BBC – Prince faces the (bloody) press amid romance rumours hehehe

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Voting Zimbabwe

Times Online – Votes and neighbours: Zimbabwe’s election is a test for all of southern Africa n Zimbabwe today, for the third time in five years, voters will cast ballots for a national election in an atmosphere of unconscionable corruption and intimidation. For all President Mugabe’s assurances of a newfound respect for democracy, polling stations […]

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Le Pouvre

FOXnews – Prince Albert Takes Over in Monaco MONACO  — Prince Albert (search) has taken over the regency of Monaco because his ailing father, Prince Rainier III, is unable to exercise his royal functions, the palace said Thursday. The announcement was made in a brief statement from the palace, which gave no updates on the health […]

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Onwards to Civil Court

FOXnews – Terri Schiavo Dies at 41 Poor lady.

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Bubblehead linked to Polar Bear and Submarine pictures. Lookit the lil’ dears.

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Drudge: Bush requiring Cabinet members to spend hours a week at White House, a move top aides say eases coordination with government agencies but one seen by some analysts as fresh evidence tightening grip over administration policy, WASH POST Page One Thursday, sources tell DRUDGE… Developing… Sankin-kotai: Sankin kotai (参勤交代: sankin kōtai) was the requirement […]

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Actors Are Such Effing Bastards

This moron signs up for a project guaranteed 10 million viewers on its first airing in a country of just six times that, then quits right away because he fears being “typecast.” Stupid sod. BBC – Eccleston quits Doctor Who role God that makes me mad! And the wine is making me even angrier!

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