[Dean's World - The New Battlestar Galactica](The New Battlestar Galactica)

Well now the show is a full-blown series and I have to say, it’s far and away the best science fiction show I’ve ever seen on television. The writing and directing is top notch, and the cast is exceptional. Edward James Olmos and Mary McDonnell are both particularly stellar performers, but the rest of the cast is quite solid. The show is gritty, tense, sexy, tightly written, and full of mystery and surprises. It’s terrific television all the way around.

Peter and I watched the first three quarters, about, of it, but missed one ep and didn’t want to watch the last two without the missed one, so didn’t. But I’m sorry, it’s good and all, as compared to some scifi, but it’s nothing to Firefly. And Firefly was on FOX before it was so rudely cancelled, when it should have been transferred to SciFi, but was not, I know not why. If you think Battlestar Gallactica is good, please, watch Firefly. Even if only because they get the concept of no sound in space.