If you see any clips of the jurors talking after his sentencing today, it’s hysterical. I know, I know, but it is! And Richelle, with the fun hair, totally calls him an a-hole. You can hear it loud and clear.

FOXnews – Judge Imposes Death Penalty for Peterson

Emotions ran high in the courtroom as her family confronted her murderer.

“You made a conscious decision to kill them … you threw them away like garbage,” Sharon Rocha said.

“I miss her so much, having lunch with her, hearing her giggle,” Rocha told Peterson. “I will never meet my grandson.”

Brent Rocha said he suspected Scott Peterson of murder soon after his sister disappeared and bought a gun with the intention of killing him.

“You still go on as if nothing’s happened,” Rocha told his former brother-in-law. “You always had this arrogance about you.”

The family members’ testimony prompted a shouting match that led to Scott Peterson’s father storming out of the courtroom.

Scott Peterson’s mother, Jackie, interrupted, although her voice was inaudible.

“What a liar!” Scott Peterson’s father, Lee, yelled from the audience before the judge admonished him. Lee Peterson left the courtroom, and his wife Jackie soon followed.

Scott Peterson, who said relatively motionless throughout the hearing, declined an opportunity to address the court.

The jurors hate Scott. It’s pretty funny. And I love watching the Press lecture them on propriety. They’re not supposed to base their decision on emotion, and they keep saying they didn’t. Meanwhile the press spent a couple years turning it into a public execution complete with lynch mob, so…