Bush requiring Cabinet members to spend hours a week at White House, a move top aides say eases coordination with government agencies but one seen by some analysts as fresh evidence tightening grip over administration policy, WASH POST Page One Thursday, sources tell DRUDGE… Developing…


Sankin kotai (参勤交代: sankin kōtai) was the requirement for all daimyo to leave their wives, and heirs at court in Edo as hostages. The daimyo were personally required to attend the shogun’s court where they resided in alternate years. This in turn involved daimyo in the maintenance of a lavish lifestyle in Edo in addition to any residences or incomes spent in their home domains. For most daimyo, it took nearly half their income leaving them with little money to build resistance to the Tokugawa Shogunate.


By insisting that nobles spend time at Versailles, Louis kept them from countering his efforts to centralize the French government in an absolute monarchy….Another way to look at this controversy over the costs of Versailles, is to consider the benefits that France drew from this royal palace. Versailles, by locking the nobles into a golden cage, effectively ended the periodical aristocratic coups and rebellions that had plagued France for centuries. It also destroyed regionalism, and enabled a centralization of the state, for which some modern Frenchmen are still thankful to Louis XIV, although the current value of this legacy, and its partial reversal, have been the subject of recent heated debates in France.

Centralize your power, my lads. Centralize your power.

Btw, ask M Chirac how he feels about Louis’ efforts to centralize the French state and destroy regionalism.

(And note how nimbly my mind leapt to those two examples. Political strategists should be knocking down my door.)