First of all, they’re asking if they should ask for photos from their readers.

We will keep using numerous pictures from agencies and other professionals, as I acknowledged last week, but anyone can help if they think we have a problem with our “stock pictures” – the cow, gay couple, woman having scan, odd dog, person looking cross, child on doorstep, police car door etc.



Another week, another set of headlines about insurgents and bombings in Iraq, and the US admitting the attacks are “undiminished”.

Reporting from Iraq is still immensely difficult, but it feels to me that we should have another concerted effort at examining the reality on the ground.

So this week I’ve asked our planners to set up a “Day in Iraq”. We’ve just started mapping it out, but I want us to fix on a day when we look in detail at the level of attacks, what it’s really like living in Iraq, where life is improving, and what people are saying about that reality.

I’ll let you know when we do this, in the meantime tell me if there are ways you’d like us to tackle this; people we could talk to; blogs we could take a look at.

Interesting. Although I wish they’d do more than “A Day” thing. A word on the ongoing stuff that doesn’t squeeze into a man-on-the-street interview well might be welcome.