First, if anyone tries to respond to this, I’ll scream. Second, this smug, selfsatisfied, ignorant pile of defecation makes me want to scream (not Scott or Mr Dudley, but the man described). Third, what in the name of GOD is wrong with the media that they don’t think all this sort of thing is a freaking problem? Is no one else sick of it? Fourth, would it kill a newspaper to fire a reporter when he spreads lies? Then this sort of thing would not happen. Nor this. Nor this. Three things in blogs right next to eachother in my tabs, all right at the top on the same day, uncoordinated. Statistically speaking, isn’t that just a teensy bit shocking? Fifth, this bleeping Jackson trial needs to end, now. I don’t care, you don’t care, no one cares. Enough. It’s disgusting, and it’s embarrassing. Sixth, why is the Beeb still carrying on this Vietnam retrospective?

So you can guess that I’m in a crappy mood and there will be very little blogging going on, unless world peace breaks out and a couple of the infantile clowns running this world actually grow up a few cognitive minutes.

But to top it all off, cherry on the ice cream sunday (i don’t even like ice cream), get a load of these prices.

Update (4.29): You know what I think I’m waiting for? I think I’m waiting for all the baby-boomers to bloody die off.