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Big Money

The Edge of England’s Sword – Worth every penny According to Salary.com (via Newsweek), a stay-at-home mom is worth a bundle: Stay-at-home mothers wear many hats. They’re the family CEO, the day care provider, accountant, chauffeur, counselor, chef, nurse, laundress, entertainer, personal stylist, and educator. Based on a 100-hour work week, Salary.com has estimated that […]

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Yes He Is

Telegraph – Queen tells war hero ‘you’re special’ The Queen told Iraq war hero Johnson Beharry that he was “very special” when he received Britain’s top military honour, the Victoria Cross, at Buckingham Palace. Pte Beharry, 25, is the first recipient of the medal since the 1982 Falklands War and the first living recipient since […]

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Who Gave Them Permission to Use "America" In their Name?

A-holes. Can we stand in front of their offices with signs dripping with blood that say “Not In Our Name!”? XXXXX DRUDGE REPORT XXXXX WED APRIL 27, 2005 09:01:25 ET XXXXX AIR AMERICA RADIO INVESTIGATED AFTER BUSH ‘GUNSHOTS’ Exclusive The red-hot rhetoric over Social Security on liberal talkradio network AIR AMERICA has caught the attention […]

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BBC – Iraq PM finalises government plan Iraq’s new prime minister has submitted his new government for approval, ending months of political deadlock. Ibrahim Jaafari’s proposal, to include representatives all of Iraq’s main ethnic and religious groups, needs to be approved a majority of MPs… Mr Jaafari told a news conference that he had finalised […]

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Free Trade

I never got all the rioting about this. No, I’m not a brilliant economist, but neither am I dim, so.. Times Online – Man and bread: The Archbishop of Canterbury should have more faith in free trade The Archbishop, like Pope Benedict XVI, is wary of shallow materialism. Dr Williams wrongly implies that this is […]

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Showing Off

I have this TiVoed. Yes, yesterday, as if by divine providence, I checked upcoming Jay Lenos, and there it was. That very night. FOXnews – First Lady Makes ‘Tonight Show’ Appearance I’m so cutting edge.

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Serenity Update

Joss Whedon is funny. Just got this email: Well. It gets better. As thus: The movie is very nearly finished. You’ve seen many pretty images in the trailer. But I’ve still got work to do and you’ve still got months before you can see it. Unless. And, no, I’m not talking Australia (but Hi, Australia! […]

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And Then He Tasks Me.

Bubblehead passed this on to me. So I take up the torch. Following there is a list of different occupations. You must select at least five of them. You may add more if you like to your list before you pass it on (after you select five of the items as it was passed to […]

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Moderately Interesting Music Watch

Anna Nalick – Breathe (2 AM) Regina Spektor – Us Aslyn – Be the Girl – Potential, but I think I’d get sick of her voice pretty quickly. You’ll know the type when you hear it. Destiny’s Child – Girl – No, I don’t listen to Destiny’s Child, but this video is worth it just […]

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Like a Ray of Light Through a Miserable Existance

Apple Trailers – Serenity I’ve got a teensy bit of a head cold. The kind that makes you want to heat a knitting needle over a high burner for a few minutes then shove it up your sinuses just to stop the sneezing. Jayne seems a bit more normal than usual, which is disappointing, but […]

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Completely Surprising (and unwelcome) News of the Day

Laura Ingraham‘s sick: PRAYER REQUEST FOR LAURA: You know I hate Drama Kings or Queens, but I am asking for your prayers today and for the forseeable future. On Friday afternoon, I learned that I have joined the ever-growing group of American women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. As so many breast cancer […]

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Anticlimax With an Air of Skepticism

BBC – Syrian troops leave Lebanese soil Syria has announced that all of its military forces have left Lebanon in line with United Nations demands. It informed the UN of the withdrawal after a parade of about 200 Syrian soldiers in the Bekaa Valley to mark the end of the 29-year deployment. Soldiers received medals […]

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The Stupid Cow Returns

Dun dun dunnnnnn BBC – Italian hostage blasts US report Ms Sgrena described the conclusion as a “slap in the face” and urged the Italian government to react. “The greatest disappointment would be if our authorities were to accept this insult without reacting,” Ms Sgrena wrote in a front page editorial in her newspaper, Il […]

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Britain Seems to Have Recently Discovered That Strange Breed Known as Swing Voters

Except instead of calling them battleground states (due to the lack of states, I’m sure), they’re called “marginal.” Times Online – Make your vote count, easy as 1-2-3, by Martin Samuel: In our ludicrous system we know we don’t matter and the candidates know it too We hear a lot about voter apathy, but less […]

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Can't They Export Them to the Middle East?

Or give the poor things to some poor family in Afghanistan, perhaps? FOXnews – Australia Announces Camel Hunt SYDNEY, Australia — Thousands of wild camels in Australia’s Outback will be shot from helicopters as part of an attempt to control the animals’ burgeoning numbers, a state official and local media said Tuesday. That’s a bit […]

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