Anyone else notice the big deal the Beeb’s been making all week about Vietnam? I dunno what, exactly, because I wasn’t there and I don’t really give a rat’s rear end, but everyday they’ve had a new feature. Today’s? In pictures: The war from the North, or “How North Vietnamese photographers saw the war.”

Meanwhile, ol’ Teddy’s been waxin’ reminiscent about the anniversary of Abu Ghraib. Does this mean we’ve exhausted the “quagmire” comparisons, and it’s just not politically expedient any longer to pay lip service to our veterans? Or, less likely, has he decided that the Iraq War was a great idea, there’s a lot of potential in this fledgling democracy, and that it deserves are continued support and encouragement as they go forward to confront the continuing terrorism?

At least the Beeb didn’t devote the week to photographic retrospectives of Abu Ghraib.