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Meme Me, Baby.

So I made fun of Bubblehead and now I’ve been passed this movie meme. Teach me to be smart-mouthed! Number of films I own on DVD/Video: Um, Peter and me combined? About 120, plus some TV series (Simpsons, Family Guy, Futurama, Doctor Who). I myself have about two big banker boxes of VHS’s but they’re […]

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Woah.. Dude..

Wiki even knows what spam I get.

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Ugh. Only the moron that seems to have gotten it written into the Geneva Conventions that he had to do all the movie previews no matter how horrible he makes them can make Wallace and Gromit look so very, very bad. When I think of how long it took Nick Park et al to create […]

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Peter Recommends XXXVI

Comment fun at Slashdot: Coming Soon, The Google Translator compuglot writes “Google gave journalists a glimpse of its next generation machine translation system at a May 19th Google Factory Tour. “Google Blogoscoped” offers an excellent overview of the presentation. The system has been trained using the United Nations Documents as a corpus. This corpus is […]

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God I Love Hollywood

Only in the entertainment industry would an interviewer ask a ditzy 21-year-old actress, partial to bonking in elevators with actors twice her age, what she thinks about stem-cell research. Update: Hahahahah!

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Helpful Arthur

Something that has always irritated the crap out of me is the US media’s stubborn insistance to talk at great length about foreign elections (when they can be bothered to look up from the Washington/New York self-absorbtion, that is), but without ever saying who the parties are and what they stand for and what it […]

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Propitious Pervez

Power Line has an interesting bit on a talk given by Pervez Musharraf with Wolf Blitzer, today. That man (Musharraf, not Blitzer) fascinates me. I wonder if he ever thought that when he staged his little coup taking over the government of a backwards third world country, that events and situations peripheral to his own […]

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Europe and Contitutions and France, Oh My!

Telegraph – Europe is an indulgence we can’t afford, By Mark Steyn Only in totalitarian dictatorships does the ballot come with a pre-ordained correct answer. Yet President Juncker distilled the great flaw at the heart of the EU constitution into one straightforward sentence that cut through all the thickets of Giscard’s unreadable verbiage. The American […]

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Finally! A Trial to Distract Us From Michael Jackson!

So, will Court TV cover this? BBC – Saddam trial ‘within two months’ Iraqi President Jalal Talabani has said he expects the trial of Saddam Hussein for alleged crimes against humanity to begin within two months… But Iraqi prosecutors and their US aides have said a trial is more likely in 2006, after several of […]

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The Times Figures It Out, Part III

Times Online – Pregnancy is a male problem, by Michael Gove<br/> Blaming young single mothers is a diversion from one overlooked factor: irresponsible young males But the queasiness many of us feel when we hear single mothers becoming the focus of attention and proposals for reform reflects our understanding of an underlying moral truth about […]

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Extra Points For Great Hair

Times Online – Profile: Dominique de Villepin, By Sam Knight Dominique de Villepin, the new French Prime Minister, this morning reached the summit of a glamorous and high profile political career in which he has never faced an election. Yeah, minus several hundred for the never-being-elected thing. But as an elegant technocrat, a biographer of […]

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Why Don't I Have An Immense Wombat-Like Marsupial!?!?

Never mind that I’m not entirely sure what a wombat is. Ah. Fancy that. BBC – Climate wiped out mega marsupial Humans are not to blame for the extinction of an immense wombat-like marsupial and other huge beasts who roamed prehistoric Australia… A group of researchers now think that their extinction about 40,000 years ago […]

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Viva la Revolution de 2010!

This was written last July, but he linked to it due to the referendum yesterday, and there’s just so much in it that I totally agree with and think myself, but see, he speaks with the sort of authority I so completely lack. London Calling – A Schoolboy’s Guide to French Revolutions “I can’t help […]

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Gay Pareeses

Peter: “That just transcends mere stupidity and becomes…becomes art.” Look at him. Doesn’t he just look deserving of her?

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Memorial Brit

Brit Hume today is really good. Everyone should watch the repeat at 9 (pacific). Major Garret does a really good piece in the second-to-last segment on the Holocaust with a really critical bit about Darfur and the UN. So, set your TiVos. Oh and don’t miss the IED thing at the beginning.

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