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Who Knew That a SciFi Writer Could Be So..

I’ll stop there before Peter smacks me. So, Bubblehead linked to this essay by Orson Scott Card, and he said basically everything I’ve said, either here or in my rants to Peter (still too messy to lay out as coherent thought), except for the whole mormon thing. I’m not mormon. But I am Catholic and […]

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Oh Man, That Sucks.

You know, the power shortages and the violence is bad enough, but this is just too much: A Star from Mosul – What’s happening: on private lessons? A troubling thing is, students of the 6th grade of last year gave me an advice, they said that no matter how well I know the subject, I […]

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I'd Like To Be the Sort of Person That Gets Emails From Michael Barone

Power Line – A word from Michael Barone Regarding John’s post on “red state/blue state France” immediately below, Michael Barone writes: I was just looking at your red-and-blue map of the French vote. The oui areas–Brittany, Alsace, the central city of Paris and the department including Neuilly just to the west–have this in common: they […]

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Good Little Rich Girl

Time to go back to the V&A and BM, again, apparently. Telegraph – Britain gets ‘poor little rich girl’s’ treasures, By Nigel Reynolds The gift of 100 rare and valuable Thai and Burmese treasures is remarkable enough. The source of the works, however, makes it one of the most exotic donations made to Britain’s top […]

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I Like This Idea

BBC – India seeks ‘borderless’ Kashmir, By Sanjeev Srivastava India’s prime minister has said a borderless Kashmir and more autonomy for the areas India administers could help resolve the dispute with Pakistan. Manmohan Singh said India and Pakistan should work together to make borders “meaningless and irrelevant”. The “sky is the limit” once Pakistan understood […]

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The Making of an Honest Woman

Absolute Monarch King Mswati III of Swaziland‘s 11th wife has become pregnant with his twenty-fifth child, making their marriage official. Wives no. 12 and 13 so far have not conceived, therefore maintaining the status of ‘fiancée.’

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Happy Memorial Day

I’ll just leave it to Dean: Update: Y’know, Blackfive’s list of ways to Help The Troops This Memorial Day got me thinking. By all means, write a letter, offer career training, help with handicapped accessibility in veteran’s homes, offer employment, or adopt a soldier, but why can’t we also do something about helping our men […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day XCII

Provided without comment, a snippet of Bubblehead‘s response to the movie meme: Five films that I watch a lot or that mean a lot to me (in no particular order): This won’t be a list of great films, just films that stop my channel surfing in its’ tracks when I come across them: 1) “Glory“: […]

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Oui Oui, les Nonistes!

To celebrate, Peter and I watched A Shot In the Dark from our handy-dandy Pink Panther Film Collection. At least they got Strasbourg to vote oui. That would be the solitaire blue patch at the top right. Or rather, bleu.

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On Sofas

This is pretty darned funny.

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So, What's "Neener Neener Neener" In French?

BBC – French voters reject EU charter Thbbpt!

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So Perhaps Americans Shouldn't Go to Bali

The Australian – Bag-wrapping service booms as travellers fear being next ‘mule’ by Tony Koch TRAVELLERS are so concerned about possible tampering with their luggage at airports that security wrapping in plastic of suitcases at Brisbane international airport has more than doubled in the past six months. An hour after Schapelle Corby was sentenced to […]

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Yay We Made Drudge

WaPo – First-Ever Seattle Heat Warning Issued We washed the car today.

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Gulag Say What Now?

God, I love it when Amnesty International reminds me what creeps we all are. It makes me feel so guilty, so naughty, and with that frisson of shame. Meanwhile, out in the world they’re not having to face because they’re too busy toiling in the third world ghetto that is New York City, the rest […]

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Woah, More Truths

This is so true. It’s something I’ve long pondered. Times Online – Aux armes, citoyens! (Oh, not again.) by Charles Bremner Part of their mood is shared almost everywhere else in Europe: it springs from distaste for Brussels and a sense that the EU is out of their control. But France is far out of […]

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