Power Line has an interesting bit on a talk given by Pervez Musharraf with Wolf Blitzer, today.

That man (Musharraf, not Blitzer) fascinates me. I wonder if he ever thought that when he staged his little coup taking over the government of a backwards third world country, that events and situations peripheral to his own would suddenly launch him onto the world stage as the United States of America’s Number One guy in South Asia. But instead of going the route I think a lot of General-Heads-of-State would, he put on a suit and tie and is now in New York making speeches on the huge progress his country has made in the past four years. The US President’s best friend.

Remarkable, I think. Someone oughtta make a movie about his life. But without the usual Hollywood crap accompanying it.

And especially, when you read the 9/11 Commission Report (as I have), and you see all the absolute opposition on the part of Pakistan to any help to the US before 9/11, and after 9/11 he just said “Yeah, sure, come on in,” and everything just went smooth as anything like we’d always been best friends.. Remarkable.