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I Need to Screeeeeeed

Okay so today something really pissed me off. I was watching Special Report with Brit Hume, as I do every day, and Major Garrett came on near the beginning with a piece on the new Iranian President-(not)elect(ed), Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Major Garrett brought up the former hostages from 1979, showed a few clips of them swearing […]

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The Blog that Launched a Thousand Ships

I love it. They’re still fighting over this. The Australian – Editorial: Truth and rumour in local Iraq coverage Last half of the last paragraph: This matter should surely command the attention of a program such as Media Watch. But, rather than probe the McGeough claims, Media Watch considered it more important to prosecute The […]

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And They're Nice To Look At Too

Blackfive – The Remedy And what they are going to find, to the Democrats’ dismay, is that there will be an awful lot of war heroes coming home…and they just might run for office. Democrat or Republican. Independit or Libertarian. For example, Illinois has had a lot of Soldiers and Marines deployed in the War […]

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Poll Causation Explained

LGF – Seattle P-I Staggers One of the most left-wing big city newspapers in existence, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, may be on the verge of closing down: P-I Dealt Blow in Seattle Times Legal Spat. OLYMPIA, Wash. – The state Supreme Court on Thursday dealt The Seattle Times a major victory in its efforts to end […]

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Liberals: Dimwitted Imbeciles or Just Dishonest?

New Sisyphus – The President’s Case and 9.11 Thus, for the NY Times and liberals at large to say that Iraq had “nothing whatsoever to do with the terrorist attacks,” is to miss the larger point the President is making, made last night and will continue to make for the rest of his term. Iraq […]

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Times In the Oval Office

I read this before realizing who wrote it. No wonder I enjoyed it so much! Times Online – The Bush Interview. By Gerard Baker, US Editor THERE has probably never been a president, there may not have been a human being, who observes punctuality with the sort of fanaticism that President George W. Bush brings […]

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Asshat Like a Bad Penny

Look who’s baaa-aaaack. Blackfive – Fallen Heroes Funerals Protested …On the corner of a narrow street lined with Colonial-era buildings, the Kansas contingent tried shouting its anti-homosexual message at mourners who overflowed from the church. But every time demonstrators spoke out, the 14-man Boston Police Department bagpipe band broke into thunderous sound…. This is the […]

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A Nice Big Year

LGF – What Media Bias? Nothing like a gratuitous slap at the United States to spice up some “Odd News” from Reuters: World’s oldest person celebrates 115th birthday. AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – A Dutch woman who swears by a daily helping of herring for a healthy life celebrated her 115th birthday on Wednesday as the oldest […]

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Commie Chic Wearing Thin

I think he’s a little fed up. Telegraph – Why do these mass-murdering commies get such a good press? By Boris Johnson As it happens, she was “the most important British female spy ever recruited by the KGB”. From the 1930s she used her position as a secretary at the British Non-Ferrous Metals Research Association […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CIII

Sure the government is robbing us of our property rights, the keystone of the god-given freedoms that make this nation possible. But at least we can still laugh. Between Worlds – Dibs on Nevada Hot on the heels of the recent eminent domain ruling in Kelo vs. New London: Buoyed by the Supreme Court’s decision […]

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I’m listening to Laura Ingraham (replayed at night in the Seattle market) play clips of Bush’s speech last night and the stupider (all) of the Democrat’s responses. And I just got this massive craving to watch Zell Miller‘s speech at the Convention in New York. Man, that would be like scratching a good itch. Why […]

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Revisiting Durbin

I have no need to move on. Washington Times – For 5 months ‘I stayed in the box’ By James H. Warner As a Marine Corps officer, I spent five years and five months in a prisoner of war camp in North Vietnam. I believe this gives me a benchmark against which to measure the […]

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I Smell a Rat

A big fat juicy rat. This poll was quoted today on Brit Hume: In a snap Gallup poll taken after the president’s address Tuesday night, in which far more Republicans than Democrats responded, the vast majority says their reaction to the speech was positive. In fact, nearly half say their reaction was “very positive.” What’s […]

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I Love the French

And no, I’m not being ironic. From Napoleon’s little local difficulty, by Neil Tweedie in the Telegraph: There are two possible approaches if you are the French navy and the British invite you to celebrations marking the 200th anniversary of Trafalgar. You can either heave a great Gallic shrug, ignore the return slip at the […]

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Added Bonus: No Patrick Swayze!

I thought I’d point this out, even if I have no idea how interested any of my readers would be in it: BBC America – North & South Ah, I love historical dramas. Especially and largely limited to British ones.

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