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I Need to Screeeeeeed

Okay so today something really pissed me off. I was watching Special Report with Brit Hume, as I do every day, and Major Garrett came on near the beginning with a piece on the new Iranian President-(not)elect(ed), Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Major Garrett brought up the former hostages from 1979, showed a few clips of them swearing […]

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The Blog that Launched a Thousand Ships

I love it. They’re still fighting over this. The Australian – Editorial: Truth and rumour in local Iraq coverage Last half of the last paragraph: This matter should surely command the attention of a program such as Media Watch. But, rather than probe the McGeough claims, Media Watch considered it more important to prosecute The […]

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And They're Nice To Look At Too

Blackfive – The Remedy And what they are going to find, to the Democrats’ dismay, is that there will be an awful lot of war heroes coming home…and they just might run for office. Democrat or Republican. Independit or Libertarian. For example, Illinois has had a lot of Soldiers and Marines deployed in the War […]

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Poll Causation Explained

LGF – Seattle P-I Staggers One of the most left-wing big city newspapers in existence, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, may be on the verge of closing down: P-I Dealt Blow in Seattle Times Legal Spat. OLYMPIA, Wash. – The state Supreme Court on Thursday dealt The Seattle Times a major victory in its efforts to end […]

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Liberals: Dimwitted Imbeciles or Just Dishonest?

New Sisyphus – The President’s Case and 9.11 Thus, for the NY Times and liberals at large to say that Iraq had “nothing whatsoever to do with the terrorist attacks,” is to miss the larger point the President is making, made last night and will continue to make for the rest of his term. Iraq […]

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Asshat Like a Bad Penny

Look who’s baaa-aaaack. Blackfive – Fallen Heroes Funerals Protested …On the corner of a narrow street lined with Colonial-era buildings, the Kansas contingent tried shouting its anti-homosexual message at mourners who overflowed from the church. But every time demonstrators spoke out, the 14-man Boston Police Department bagpipe band broke into thunderous sound…. This is the […]

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A Nice Big Year

LGF – What Media Bias? Nothing like a gratuitous slap at the United States to spice up some “Odd News” from Reuters: World’s oldest person celebrates 115th birthday. AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – A Dutch woman who swears by a daily helping of herring for a healthy life celebrated her 115th birthday on Wednesday as the oldest […]

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Revisiting Durbin

I have no need to move on. Washington Times – For 5 months ‘I stayed in the box’ By James H. Warner As a Marine Corps officer, I spent five years and five months in a prisoner of war camp in North Vietnam. I believe this gives me a benchmark against which to measure the […]

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I Love the French

And no, I’m not being ironic. From Napoleon’s little local difficulty, by Neil Tweedie in the Telegraph: There are two possible approaches if you are the French navy and the British invite you to celebrations marking the 200th anniversary of Trafalgar. You can either heave a great Gallic shrug, ignore the return slip at the […]

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Added Bonus: No Patrick Swayze!

I thought I’d point this out, even if I have no idea how interested any of my readers would be in it: BBC America – North & South Ah, I love historical dramas. Especially and largely limited to British ones.

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Mark Steyn is Smart

I’ve said before and I’ll say it again: I would love to sit him down over a long cup of coffee. Great interview, if a little disjointed (those email interviews to tend that way), and I thought this, of all points made, was worth pointing out: Right Wing News – RWN’s Mark Steyn Interview #2 […]

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News That Makes You Go "Hmmm"

Catholic Exchange – Beijing and Rome Agree on Bishop’s Appointment Hmmm. Cursty: Wheat & Weeds.

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Happy Sesquicentennial!

The Telegraph is 150. Guided by the high tone of fearless independence1 One hundred and fifty years ago today, the following words appeared in the leading article published in issue No 1 of The Daily Telegraph: “In our conduct of this journal, we shall be guided by a high tone of independent action; we shall […]

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When the Innocent Aren't Bellicose Enough

Telegraph – Gang beats father to death in street. By Nigel Bunyan and Richard Savill A man was beaten to death yesterday after refusing to give a light to a group of teenagers as he waited in a pizza takeaway. The father-of-three is believed to have been dragged out of the premises and attacked in […]

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Perhaps the French and Spanish Considered Trafalgar "Bellicose"

But it too got results. Telegraph – We can’t afford to forget Trafalgar By John Keegan Trafalgar was not only almost the last great battle fought by sailing ship fleets. It was also by far the most decisive. French and Spanish ships outnumbered the British 33-27. Nevertheless, 17 of the enemy were captured, striking their […]

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