Blackfive – The Remedy

And what they are going to find, to the Democrats’ dismay, is that there will be an awful lot of war heroes coming home…and they just might run for office. Democrat or Republican. Independit or Libertarian.

For example, Illinois has had a lot of Soldiers and Marines deployed in the War on Terror. The Mad Ghosts (2/24 Marines) that I featured here often are from Chicago. I’m sure you’ll find some of them interested in the possibilities of removing Durbin from office. Note to Illinois Republican leadership: If you EVER have to look outside of our great state for a political candidate again, then you need to be removed from leadership. Capisce?

After all, not only could a Soldier have the opportunity to try to change things, that Soldier could make a lot more salary, too. Nicer retirement package. Extreme Per Diem. Swimming Pool. Movie stars…um, I digress.

He points to a brave (and much better looking) soldier taking on Maxine Waters (world’s ugliest congressional website and unnecessarily horrible picture), Rusten Currie for Congress!

God it’ll be good to have someone else to talk about than John McCain. Speaking of whom, he was shown a little on the news this afternoon, and he looks horrible. I mean, the next presidential election isn’t for another three years, and he just looks old! Poor guy, I hate to say it, but no one seems to notice that he’ll be 72. Reagan was 69 when he was elected, and everyone thought he was way too old, and he didn’t have the medical trauma that McCain suffered.