And no, I’m not being ironic.

From Napoleon’s little local difficulty, by Neil Tweedie in the Telegraph:

There are two possible approaches if you are the French navy and the British invite you to celebrations marking the 200th anniversary of Trafalgar. You can either heave a great Gallic shrug, ignore the return slip at the bottom of the invitation and toss the thing straight into the bin with a parting “Pah!”

Or you can send a great big nuclear-powered aircraft carrier twice the size of anything the Royal Navy has – and which just happens to be named after the chap who said “Non” to the first British application to join the EEC – then park it right in front of HM the Queen…

So why had the French sent six ships, including the pride of their navy, to a victory party for the perfidious Brits? “We were invited. When you are invited to your cousin’s wedding, you wear your best dress. That’s what we have done.”

Hehehe. (Emph mine)

Curtsies to Chrenkoff, who’s a little put off by their attitude. But I don’t worry. It might be twice the size of anything the royal navy has, but it’s half the size of something we have, and besides, the thing barely runs.