Okay so today something really pissed me off. I was watching Special Report with Brit Hume, as I do every day, and Major Garrett came on near the beginning with a piece on the new Iranian President-(not)elect(ed), Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Major Garrett brought up the former hostages from 1979, showed a few clips of them swearing that Ahmadinejad was one of their captors, then said roughly this:

“The 1979 Iranian hostage crisis is considered one of the darkest periods of American history: permanently burned into the memory of every American.”

Bull-[censored]. I was born a couple months before those guys got out of there, and I haven’t heard a single word about it in all my years on this planet, except for passing references to it. For instance last year after Reagan’s death I heard the theory that the hostages were let go because Reagan was taking office, and the hostage-takers preferred not to [censored] around with him, rather than Carter. That was just last year. And I only heard that because, as I said, Reagan happened to die. I know nothing about it: I don’t know why the hostages were taken, when they were taken, how they were taken, what happened to them after they were taken, why they were released, when they were released, how they were released, what happened after they were released, I don’t know a bloody thing. And yet everyone in the idiot generation ahead of mine has it indelibly burnt into their memories. Well fat lot of good it’d doing the rest of us, because it doesn’t exist to us.

And now it’s the same thing with 9/11. We’re not allowed to see the pictures, because the press won’t show us. We’re not allowed to talk about it, because that would be politicizing. The President of the Freaking United States of America during wartime isn’t allowed to bring 9/11 up even when he’s talking about the war that it started. So how is anyone supposed to learn what happened then? Or is it so indelibly burnt into our memories that we think the next generation will absorb it through osmosis? Even the museum devoted to that day is evidently going to be shoved into a dingy basement with the main feature upstairs displaying a bunch of retarded statues of slaves in leg-irons and indigenous Americans being shot by US soldiers, or whatever the hell the IFC wants to put up.

So I’m glad Major Garrett remembers those dark times well. I’d appreciate knowing something about it too, but I guess it’s so clear in the memories of the generation that proceeded mine that I don’t need to know. So good for them.