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At Least Bellicosity Gets Results

Times Online – Iran’s human face is gone. Hardline vote-riggers have spirited it away, by Michael Gove THE RECENT Iranian presidential elections were a triumph for the principle of one man, one vote. And the man with the vote this time, as always, was the country’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Iran’s new President, Mahmoud […]

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Rice, Handcuffs, and Harry Potter

FOXnews Video – A Firsthand Report I saw this on Monday and meant to mention it. Molly Henneberg talks about her trip to Gitmo over the weekend. It was a good interview.

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Well That's Handy

Lookit what I found. USS Clueless – Strategic Overview, Steven Den Beste It’s long.

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Don't Worry, Children, the West is Having a Rock Concert.

Mail & Guardian – Zim children deprived of schooling At least 300 000 children have dropped out of school in Zimbabwe since a government-driven campaign to demolish shacks and other unauthorised homes was launched nearly six weeks ago, a teachers’ union said on Tuesday. “The government’s Operation Murambatsvina has caused severe devastation on the education […]

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Restating the Obvious

I’m feeling slightly better about the depressing need to continue making this argument when we should have been able to move onto other things by now since the President’s speech tonight. Opinion Journal – The Defeatist Caucus: Some on Capitol Hill seem to yearn for a repeat of Vietnam. BY BRENDAN MINITER In the end, […]

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Post Presidential Speech Syndrome

Yay! He did really well! More later. (Btw, I got choked up at the end, too.) (sniffle.) Okay, I think it was a really good speech. And he only messed up two or three times, which helps. He sounded confident, and a little pissed off, fired up, if you prefer. This was smart: Some wonder […]

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Exciting News!

Or not exciting news. RC2 explains. Or tries to. At any rate, I’m for Latin! Woohoo! Wheat & Weeds – The Uselessness of Gossip About the Vatican, or What Is Sandro Magister Talking About? All of which reminds me of this. Ah, chant. Begone, ye kumbaya.

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AP Reports: Worm-Hole Found!

Get Steven Hawking on the line! This is big! AP – Bush: Bloodshed in Iraq Is ‘Worth It’ by Jennifer Loven It’s time stamped 21 minutes ago at 3.08 Pacific. Curtsy: Power Line.

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Peter Recommends XLV

Google Earth – Explore, Search and Discover Want to know more about a specific location? Dive right in — Google Earth combines satellite imagery, maps and the power of Google Search to put the world’s geographic information at your fingertips. He says, “Google took one of my absolute favorite things from Snow Crash and turned […]

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Only Eight Days Till All Africa's Problems Are a Thing of the Past

London Calling – Moral pygmies I am just a lowly blogger, wondering whether I should criticise Saint Bob or pass a comment on Africa at all. God knows, I am a racist Anglo who wants nothing more than to see black people suffer. I suppose I must have subconsciously rejoiced as Mugabe’s bulldozers buried the […]

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Company Cars Everywhere and Not a Journalist to Chauffeur.

This is very funny: Jabberwock – Anti-PR rant 71: excessive politeness Via India Uncut.

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Media Wars Pretend to Be Capable of Exploding

The Daily Ablution – A Few Loose Ends The first bit. I wish our newspapers would get off their sanctimonious, self-delusionary high-horses. They’d be a lot more interesting.

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Sometimes, I Peek Into the Andrew Sullivan Box o' Freak-Out.

And it is funny. Ace of Spades – Andrew Sullivan Advisory: Redlining It’s funny that Excitable Andy uses the phrase “hysterical attacks” to castigate his opponents but continues using highly-emotional language like “sickening” like he was writing a f—ing H.P. Lovecraft horror-story. I expect him to next describe Karl Rove’s lair as being constructed of […]

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What Europe Needs Is a Good Long Blackout

Telegraph – My virility doesn’t matter – the EU’s does. By Mark Steyn I was reminded of our Gloucestershire lad by some remarks Frank Field made at a Centre for Policy Studies seminar last week. The subject under debate was poverty and social disintegration, and pondering the collapse of civility in modern Britain Mr Field […]

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Hail Britannia II

First, I have to say that Camilla looks fantastic. Yowsa. Good for her! Second, the fact that this whole production is happening just a matter of weeks after the European Constitution Referendum in France just amuses the heck out of me. Anyway, it’s 200 years since the Battle of Trafalgar: Telegraph – Queen salutes Nelson’s […]

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