Wheat & Weeds is on a roll.

First this:

Wife of the Week Is So Easy

I have little incentive to improve the weaknesses that cheese my husband off all week when my full glory in his eyes can be restored with two words: steak dinner.

Combined with this:

The Real Difference Between Men & Women

Men like The Three Stooges.

A college girlfriend taught me that, and its truth was confirmed again when hubby rented an early 3S flick. Daughter fell asleep, I observed detachedly, sons & husband laughed themselves silly. Even the toddler, male, learned to say, “Nyuk-nyuk-nyuk.”

Then, everything you need to know about the world and all its intricate workings:

Death is Better Than Babies

…but as Janet Smith documents in Humanae Vitae: A Generation Later, when scientists were working to develop the pill, there were trials in both men and women. When some men suffered some slight testicular shrinkage, the trials were called off. When 8 women died of stroke, they just lowered the dose and kept going. But remember ladies, it’s all about our health and freedom.