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Let Me Entertain You III

Peter and I watched I Heart Huckabees today. It’s actually quite good, with very slight scenes around the end that are in rather poor taste. But it made me laugh because some parts of it, actually most of it, reminded me of what I imagine most MoveOn.org meet-ups must sound like.

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"Come To Me, My Leetle Peach Blossom"


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Easier Said Than Done

VDH – Reformation or Civil War? The jihadists cannot be reasoned with, only defeated. Iraq has inadvertently become the battleground of a long overdue reckoning, a bellwether of the future of the Middle East. If the constitutionalists win, then the jihadists will be in retreat and there will be at last a third way between […]

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I Think They Are

Glenn: PERHAPS IF HOLLYWOOD HAD MORE PEOPLE who had been in the military, it would be able to make military stuff that doesn’t suck. But judging from various and sundry negative reviews for the new FX show Over There, they’re not pulling that off at the moment. Maybe they should try just reading more blogs […]

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Yes, Absolutely Crashing Down.

Let’s reign in the hyperbole a teensy weensy bit, shall we? Seattle Times – Are Japanese finally ready for empress? By Bennett Richardson TOKYO — Japan’s monarchy is so woven into the island nation’s traditions that it survived defeat in World War II and invasion by the Mongols, and predates the introduction of rice. Now, […]

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My Money's On Denmark

WaPo – Canada-Denmark ties get icy over Arctic isle A barren desert island in the High Arctic populated only by seals and the occasional polar bear is at the center of a diplomatic tiff between otherwise friendly Canada and Denmark after Canadian Defense Minister Bill Graham quietly set foot on the disputed land last week. […]

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Sniffle VII

Power Line yesterday: A Stroke of Genius? It must be very strange to be President Bush. A man of extraordinary vision and brilliance approaching to genius, he can’t get anyone to notice. He is like a great painter or musician who is ahead of his time, and who unveils one masterpiece after another to a […]

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Speaking of Appalled

Telegraph – A whiff of Old Labour Amid our countless public enterprises that lose money and cost the taxpayer vast sums, the Prince of Wales’s private Duchy of Cornwall is successful, enterprising and profitable. That does not prevent the Public Accounts Committee of the House of Commons, where no one is ill-paid or ill-pensioned, from […]

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Simply Appalled!

This is hilarious. Go Chuck! Telegraph – Perhaps Prince Charles should run the NHS. By Alice Thomson Isn’t it time MPs were more scrutinised? They are off on another three-month holiday, their pensions are among the best in Britain, they receive generous petrol allowances, first-class tickets to their constituencies, subsidised canteen food and second homes, […]

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Better Responsible Journalism

As opposed to ABC’s behaviour, Sky News careful enough to blur out the licence plates of the police vehicles used in the raids this morning. Meanwhile, in Drudgeland, top of the page with accompanying huge graphic: FRIST IN STEM CELL SPLIT Ah yes, on top of every important story, is Drudge.

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Best Response Ever

Times Online – ‘Take your clothes off and come out’ By Philippe Naughton “Mohammed,” shouted the police. “Take your clothes off! Come out with your hands on your head and you will be all right!” “I have rights!” came the reply. “I have rights.” Hysterical! I love it! Residents of Dalgarno Gardens, a West London […]

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"Nabbed" Is Such a Strange Word

Not terribly appropriate, I would say. FOXnews – Suspects Nabbed in London Bomber Search LONDON — British police launched a major raid Friday in west London’s Notting Hill area and arrested two suspects in the failed July 21 bombing attempts, Sky News reported. I wonder if Madonna is going to pull another one of her […]

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Bloody Comments

Okay people, I’ve had a few reports of comments not getting posted, but what’s been happening to me on and off the past couple days, and this morning FREAKING CONSTANTLY is that the server will time out or something after I hit save and yet the comment will still be there. So, go back and […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CX

I just found this (can’t find a link), digging through my archives: Times Online – December 20, 2002 – Little monsters see the big, bad, Wide World, by Simon Jenkins I am disinclined to read too much into any author’s intentions. Volumes have been written on the psychology of Peter Pan and the feminist iconography […]

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Killing Teenagers

(If you don’t know what that title means, see here.) So, RC2 at Wheat & Weeds is transcribing tasty tidbits from an essay in First Things by Frederica Mathewes-Green, including this one: Up front she makes several other cogent and appealing observations. Why do Claudette Colbert and Katherine Hepburn move like queens, she wonders, with […]

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