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Adobe Genius

The church inside Mission San Juan Bautista. That mission architecture is better than airconditioning. 98º today but niiiice and cool inside the mission.

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Hot Sand = Warm Bellies

Harbor seals laze about in the hot sun on a cold day with the pelicans and gulls on Goat Rock Mendocino Coast State Park. There were at least six little ones frolicking in the water nearby. Cute widdew tings.

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Glass Beach

Waves breaking on the rocks in Fort Bragg, Mendocino County. It doesn’t look very threatening, but moments later I was dodging sea foam hurtling towards me. I also saw my first California quail! Complete with little head thingie and a line of babies. And two dead seals washed up on two different beaches on two […]

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Redwood Empire

Made it through Enemy Territory unharmed. Here, Crescent City, California: the view from our motel window.

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Land's End

Cape Flattery, Makah Nation, Washington. It’s the most north-westerly point in the continental US.

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Road Trippin'

Peter and I are hittin’ the road tomorrow morning, so light blogging till Labor Day. When we get to my parents’ house I’ll have more time to see the news and then be drawn like a moth to flame to rant and rave about what I see, and in the meantime I’ll have at least […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CXXIII

Wheat & Weeds – Double-0-7, Meet 7 Double-0 And a bonus comic here. But the first one is just hysterical.

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The Pope's Packin'

Wheat & Weeds – Pope Calls for Religious Freedom In Iraq –And Venezuela Hehe. Read it. Trust me.

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Trouble In Paree

Telegraph – French signal the end of the discreet affair. By Colin Randall in Paris The tangled private lives of three of France’s household names, including the wife of the man tipped to become president, were exposed yesterday as the French media finally abandoned their tradition of treating public figures with high-minded discretion. Six pages […]

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Next: Madonna Debates the Pope On Catholic Doctrine

Editor & Publisher – Huffington and Hanson to Debate U.S. Foreign Policy I understand why the media thinks these are a good idea (like Hilary Rosen commenting on the Iraq war, and that one Dixie Chick opining on the psychological motivation of soldiers serving in Iraq) but I wonder if they realize how much it’s […]

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The Unilateral Difference

Sharon’s reasoning should start to look a little clearer: AFP – Palestinians fight move to declare Gaza occupation over The Palestinians intend to oppose any move by Israel to have the UN Security Council declare its 38-year occupation of the Gaza Strip over following the withdrawal of all Jewish settlers. Foreign minister Nasser al-Qidwa said […]

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Kenya's Ark II

It’s good to see Kenya’s moving right along. Telegraph – How to dope, rope and move 400 five-ton elephants. By Mike Pflanz in the Shimba Hills It will be the world’s biggest operation to move large mammals and conservationists have dubbed it Noah’s Ark II. The operation is crucial because elephant numbers have shot up […]

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My Least Favourite Magazine

Marie Claire. It’s horrible. A friend of mine insisted on subscribing to it. You’d have the exposés on the starving children of Latin American sex slaves, a go-get-’em piece on how the average American woman is 5’4″ and 160 lbs (as if we haven’t heard that before and as if that’s something to be proud […]

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Romania Swims Again

You know me and you know how much I like to hear that former Eastern Bloc states are accomplishing new and exciting things. The Stupid Shall Be Punished – Romania To Reactivate Sub “Fleet” If you don’t know me (welcome welcome, btw) now you do! Pleased to meet you.

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Rant to Me, Sister!

This morning I decided I just didn’t have the patience nor the level of caffeine in my system usually required to properly respond to an opinion piece in the Times on how totally fine pre-natal gender selection is, so in the spirit of communal intelligence and the free and open exchange of ideas, I passed […]

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