It’s good to see Kenya’s moving right along.

Telegraph – How to dope, rope and move 400 five-ton elephants. By Mike Pflanz in the Shimba Hills

It will be the world’s biggest operation to move large mammals and conservationists have dubbed it Noah’s Ark II.

The operation is crucial because elephant numbers have shot up on the misty, lightly forested slopes of the Shimba Hills, just inland from Kenya’s coast and 320 miles south-east of Nairobi.

Ten years ago there were 200; now there are 700.

Poor farmers eking a living from their smallholdings have long complained that they face ruin because their crops are trampled almost daily.

It is a nationwide problem in this country famed for its wildlife but with a mushrooming human population which has doubled in the past 15 years to 33 million.

You know, here we usually have to deal with mice. Much easier to carry, are mice.

It does not look a painless operation, however. Ropes are tightened around the animal’s legs and tusks and a sweating, chanting knot of men inches it forward in uncomfortable lurches.