Marie Claire. It’s horrible. A friend of mine insisted on subscribing to it. You’d have the exposés on the starving children of Latin American sex slaves, a go-get-’em piece on how the average American woman is 5’4″ and 160 lbs (as if we haven’t heard that before and as if that’s something to be proud of) then turn the page and you have the size 0, 5’9″ 14-year-olds dressed up in an equal weight of designer $5,000 ensembles and dark makeup.

Daily Telegraph – ‘Bra wars’ are doing us all a good turn. By Alice Thomson

Maybe Mr Mandelson has done us a favour. Even before these trade wars, it looked as though Britain had begun to lose its consuming appetite. This has been blamed on everything from the hoodies at Bluewater to the £1,000 billion mountain of debt that Britons have accrued.

Maybe we have just had enough. That the average woman now spends £32,000 on shoes in her lifetime suddenly seems ludicrous – she should be thinking about her pension.

The fact that Marie Claire magazine can run articles encouraging women to “Get Ready To Shop” in the same issue that it explains that more than 90 per cent of women in Sudan have no proper drinking water is frankly embarrassing.

Plus, the layout is ugly.