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Rant to Me, Sister!

This morning I decided I just didn’t have the patience nor the level of caffeine in my system usually required to properly respond to an opinion piece in the Times on how totally fine pre-natal gender selection is, so in the spirit of communal intelligence and the free and open exchange of ideas, I passed […]

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Reinforcing the Point: Why I Never Go to Pioneer Square

It’s a hole. But besides that: KOMO – Police Need Your Help In Capturing Beating Suspects The brutality of it all was captured on tape outside of Larry’s Nightclub on First and Yesler on July 31. Police say the victims were with two women who’d been groped by the suspects. One of the women threw […]

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My Safeway!

KOMO – Suspicious Package Found Near Queen Anne Safeway Thank god Peter bought a new car with a manual transmission, or I may have been there! And what if it had blown up! (My grocery shopping has been drastically limited since I’ve had to walk.) Peter just got home and said, “See? I’m just looking […]

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They Kept the Chainsaws!

Doom! And the Rock! On the big screen!

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At Last My Dreams Are Realized!

Opinion Journal – Best of the Web Today Meanwhile, al-Jazeera reports that “speculation over the actual size of Saudi Arabia’s oil reserves is reaching fever pitch as a major bank says the kingdom’s–and the world’s–biggest field, Gharwar, is in irreversible decline.” If this turns out to be true, then SUV drivers should be regarded as […]

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Good Advice For All

PC Copperfield lays out his advice, itemized. The Policeman’s Blog – STAYING OUT OF TROUBLE My choice for a featured quote: 5. Don’t encourage people to “press charges”. Do you remember the episode of Dad’s Army when Private Pike took the Mr. Hodges’ daughter out in Captain Mainwaring’s staff car? The car broke down and […]

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Swoon. Thunk.

Muji is opening an 11,000 sq ft store in Manhattan. I saw it in this month’s Wired.

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A Model Constitution

Tim Worstall shows off the Iraqi Constitution. The uh, old one, that is, from 1990. I guess I should go on the record here and say that I’m actually rather optimistic on the subject. Of the new one, I mean. The 2005 one. Firstly because it’s nice and contradictory, leaving lots of room for flexible […]

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And the Telegraph Runs With It

The Daily Telegraph – How can anyone put guinea pigs before people? By Andrew O’Hagan What’s the difference between an activist and a terrorist? Britain has a proud and rather noble tradition of people agitating for causes they strongly believe in (Catholic emancipation, votes for women) and against things they can’t abide (nuclear weapons, foxhunting), […]

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The Times Figures It Out, Part V

Times Online – Extreme measures: The success of ‘animal rights’ terrorists does not bode well elsewhere This is in response to that poor little Guinea Pig farm shutting down. While the possibility of serious punishment remains contestable and the commitment of the authorities is considered vague, there is little reason to think this form of […]

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No, It's Yucky.

Times Online – Watch that knee jerk: sex selection is perfectly natural, by Mary Ann Sieghart As for the idea that choosing your child’s sex is somehow immoral, why do the same critics not inveigh against these more homespun techniques? The intention behind them is exactly the same, after all, whether you are dosing yourself […]

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Saving the UN From the Big Bad Scary Americans

Times Online – Dr Annan’s cure for the ailing UN, by Michael Binyon It was also essential to do something to stave off the strident attacks from Washington. Congress has long cast a sour eye at a body it sees as institutionally anti-American. But the steely US mood after the 9/11 atrocities and the visceral […]

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The Single Currency Is Such a Tragedy

Times Online – A hard truth: the future of the single currency is now far beyond our Ken, by Anatole Kaletsky THERE WAS a time when Kenneth Clarke’s admission that “the euro has been a failure” might have dominated the headlines for weeks. It might even have changed the course of Britain’s history. Had Mr […]

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Spot the Visiting Briton Behind the Newspaper

Times Online – Regrettably, c’est la France, by Alastair Campbell<br/> A wonderful holiday place, yes. But the French are depressed, not least by the burden of regulation I NORMALLY AVOID British newspapers on holiday. But such has been the excitement of the Ashes series that I have found myself gorging on them as I seek […]

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That's One Way to Get Rid of the Moonbats

Protesters pissing you off? Just close down Walter Reed Medical Center! Instant peace and quiet! I’m telling you people, these BRAC boys are cannier than we give them credit for. Update: Oooh, I posted this just moments before Rush Limbaugh started reading from the same article. How ’bout that. Update II: To tide over the […]

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