Peter and I are hittin’ the road tomorrow morning, so light blogging till Labor Day. When we get to my parents’ house I’ll have more time to see the news and then be drawn like a moth to flame to rant and rave about what I see, and in the meantime I’ll have at least daily updates, so don’t forget about me entirely. I haven’t missed a day yet, by golly, and I don’t intend to now.

Unfortunately I forgot to warn Bubblehead, and he’s sent his readers over to me for my usual sterling delivery of content. Don’t worry, submarine fans! There’s lots to read here! And if you need more topical information, may I suggest Little Green Footballs, Tim Blair, and Wheat & Weeds. All update often and are on different time zones. I think that covers a nice cross section of the People Whose Opinions Count.

Oh and I should mention that I can’t check my ninme mail while I’m at large, so anyone who needs desperately to get in touch with me (I can hope can’t I) just leave a comment.