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When Movie Stars Go Political

They resort to spam. I just got an email from New Line for A History of Violence, which I shan’t link to because they don’t deserve it. But boy, how Aragorn has fallen.

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Peter Recommends LXX

These people are such greedy bastards. No wonder music sucks: PC Pro – Warner chief threatens to scalp iTunes A Warner Music executive has threatened to cut off Apple if Steve Jobs continues to refuse to give ground on iTunes Music Store pricing. Digital strategy chief Michael Nash said during a discussion at a wireless […]

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Oh Lord There's Nothing Happening

Except: Southern California is on fire. As it is every year. As it will be again. Trust me. 19 Eastern European women, forced into prostitution, were released from captivity in a brothel in Birmingham. No word if the “massage parlour’s” name, “Cuddles,” was the tip-off behind the bust. And no sign of any UN Peace […]

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Every Little Girl Needs an Uncle On a Dashing White Charger

This whole thing is hilarious (and very sweet!): Telegraph – This Act of stupidity isn’t protecting Livvy. By Tom Utley Olivia’s extraordinary story begins at 4.30pm on Friday, June 24, when she arrived at the community centre in Haydon Park Road, south Wimbledon, to sit her grade four flute exam. I should declare an interest […]

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AIDS, Africa, and Taking the Hand That Cures You For Granted.

The Western Standard – Rubber fetish: The UN is too focused on pushing condoms to address effectively Africa’s deadly AIDS crisis, by Mark Steyn But in Africa Stephen Lewis remains Kofi Annan’s numero uno AIDS honcho, and the other day he turned up in a widely reported story, whose headline in The Daily Telegraph catches […]

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Sing It Wit' Me: Bush Clinton Clinton Bush Bush Bush

AP – Jeb Bush Calls for Immigration Changes Cha cha cha.

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Just In Time For Hallowe'en

joystiq – Caption contest: $59 Mario outfit, mustache not included I’ve always thought of Princess Peach as shorter than that, somehow…

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Silly Binny

Times Online – The day when Osama bin Laden applied for asylum – in Britain. By Daniel McGrory HE CLAIMS to hate everything the West stands for. But yesterday it emerged that Osama bin Laden sought asylum in Britain even as he was planning the September 11 attacks on the US. See, that’s his first […]

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More Proof That Bill O'Reilly Is a Self-Satisfied Idiot

The one time I turned on his show he had this big long self-serving rant about how stupid these people are but that the judges won’t do it because they’re intelligent and there’s no way that anyone could be that wrong to disagree with Bill O’Reilly. FOXnews – Judge: Release Abu Ghraib Photos NEW YORK […]

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Sally Rovers

Melanie Phillips’s Diary – Britain’s 200-year jihad On my travels for the past few days, I have been reading a book which tells the story of a quite astonishing part of British history of which I was previously unaware. In ‘White Gold’, Giles Milton records the appalling details … of a seaborne Islamic jihad against […]

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Peter Recommends LXIX

An alternate trailer for the Shining. Peter wonders if it was a school project, and thinks it would make a great school project. I’ve never seen the Shining so I didn’t totally get it till the end. It’s pretty funny. And quite well done.

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That Familiar Damage to …Democracy Thing

Telegraph – Ousting Schröder For the past 11 days, the world has been treated to the unedifying spectacle of Gerhard Schröder claiming a mandate to continue as German chancellor. Seemingly intoxicated by his remarkable closing of the electoral gap, he first advanced the specious argument that his Social Democrats (SPD) had won a greater share […]

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Fuscus Nero

Telegraph – A Scottish streak of tapioca as prime minister – bring it on! By Boris Johnson Never mind an election; never mind democracy. Sometime soonish Tony Blair and the Labour Party will part company, with many a dry eye on either side. Gordon is simply going to be translated to Number 10, with all […]

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Run For the Hills, Ladies.

Read the opening to Peter: The Australian – Let’s not turn our judges into politicians, by Janet Albrechtsen IN case you missed it, a state of emergency for women’s rights was recently declared in the US. No, Osama bin Laden has not moved into the White House decreeing that women leave the workplace, schools and […]

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The Airlines Should Try This

Labour negotiations just got more interesting. Khaleej Times – French commandos re-take ship from striking sailors A French commando unit attacking by helicopter early Wednesday stormed a cargo ferry that had been seized by striking sailors and took control of the ship near the Corsican port of Bastia, military sources said. The freighter Pascal Paoli […]

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