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Land of Scary Spiders

BBC Magazine – Danger Down Under Planes packed with 800,000 Britons make the journey Down Under each year to take in Australia’s famed natural beauty. But amid headlines of shark and crocodile attacks, are there a few hazards that visitors should be aware of? I have it on very good authority that in Australia there […]

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Big Painting, Little Corgies, Strange Waistcoats

BBC – Prince William’s portrait on show The oil on canvas was painted in preparation for a group picture of the Royal family to celebrate the late Queen Mother’s 100th birthday. I’ve seen that painting. It’s huge. The Portrait Gallery had it on a landing somewhere, taking up the whole wall. It’s really cool, I […]

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At Your Service

I love being plugged. Watch this shameless act of self-promotional quoting: Wheat & Weeds – Blogger Delegation Suggest you visit ninme, Queen of Links for interesting articles. She has the VDH on universities from the WSJ online that I’ve been meaning to post for days (BTW, he has a longer piece on the subject in […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CXXXIII

IraqPundit – Cole of Arabia I had a good laugh over Juan Cole’s post today. The professor, who defends himself against those who claim he doesn’t speak Arabic or Persian, writes: “I was in Jordan not so long ago to meet with Iraqi intellectuals who came over for a conference. I spoke Arabic with them, […]

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No Cars In Naples

I can’t wrap my head around it.

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Water Flowing Upward

Zoë Brain found this: Bad science: What is an implosion researcher? Or an electric field of water? Dr Arbuthnot would like the BBC to say, by Ben Goldacre From, guess! The Telegraph? The Sun? The NY Post? Tony Blair’s private diaries? Click to find out! I wish the news organizations here would do this.

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A Week In Fashion: Still Kicking

An agent with a soul. Times2 – ‘Devastated’ Kate, by Lisa Armstrong Snippets: “Rumours?” repeats a red-eyed Doukas (she looks like a woman who’s been on the rack). “Look, Kate has always been an unbelievably private person. I’ve never seen the side of her that they’ve written about. She’s always gone to work every day. […]

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A Logical Strategy

TImes Online – Anglican leadership in Iraq feared dead. By Ruth Gledhill, Religion Correspondent, and Jenny Booth The entire lay leadership team of the main Anglican church in Iraq is presumed to have been killed after they were attacked while returning from a conference in Jordan. I guess that apology from the church never panned […]

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0.1893936 Leagues Under the Sea

FOXnews – Giant Squid Finally Captured on Film TOKYO — When a nearly 20-foot long tentacle was hauled aboard his research ship, Tsunemi Kubodera knew he had something big. Then it began sucking on his hands. But what came next excited him most — hundreds of photos of a purplish-red sea monster doing battle 3,000 […]

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In the Underworld of Escapism

Fushigi Yûgi is my crack cocaine.

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I'm Not Bitter

Sure I emailed the Serenity people moments after I heard about the advance screenings for bloggers and didn’t get anything back in response, but my enthusiasm is unabated. Anyway, Blackfive got to see it, and he’s come back with a really good review (no spoilers): Blackfive – Serenity Review Update (9.28): Instapundit has his own […]

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Not Just a Poor Taste In Glasses, Then.

Opinion Journal – Ivory Cower: University presidents have lost their dignity. BY VICTOR DAVIS HANSON Keith in Mountain View‘s former university’s new chancellor Denice Denton makes an appearance in this. But first, we have Larry Summers: At Harvard University, beleaguered President Lawrence Summers challenged notions of “diversity” and paid a steep price. He suggested–off the […]

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Blogroll This Woman.

She’ll never let you down. Wheat & Weeds – Let’s Give Rome A Little Credit Responding to Baron Rees-Mogg’s column that I linked to earlier, with a cry for backup. I especially like the part where she yells at the press for being stupid.

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Jumping the Insurging Shark

AP – Gunmen Kill Five Shiite Teachers in Iraq BAGHDAD, Iraq – Insurgents dragged five Shiite Muslim schoolteachers and their driver into a classroom, lined them against a wall and gunned them down Monday — slayings in Iraq’s notorious Triangle of Death that reflect the enflamed sectarian divisions ahead of a crucial constitutional referendum. How […]

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Credit to the Dutch

I love this sort of thing. Between Worlds – The Dutch And here we British-offshoots thought we ran the world because of our parliamentary traditions, our rich linguistic heritage, our need to expand to get away from the horrid culinary practices…

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