These people are such greedy bastards. No wonder music sucks:

PC Pro – Warner chief threatens to scalp iTunes

A Warner Music executive has threatened to cut off Apple if Steve Jobs continues to refuse to give ground on iTunes Music Store pricing.

Digital strategy chief Michael Nash said during a discussion at a wireless telecoms conference that the music industry has let Apple get too much power in the digital downloads market.

‘What if Jobs says 39 cents or 29 cents per download – what then?,’ he said. ‘The industry can say, OK we’ll cut him off – very few people buy music from digital downloads.’

He added that he is sure that the Apple CEO would find another way to sell iPods.

Nash’s comments echoes those made last week by Warner CEO Edgar Bronfman, who called for Apple to adopt variable pricing and share out revenues from iPod sales.

Right. Because music downloaders are such a captive audience. Goodness, if they raised the price… where would we go?! We’d be forced to spend it! It’s foolproof! And because, you know, they’ve done such a good job on their own of developing the online music business. So they totally deserve that share of iPod sales. By golly they’ve earned it.