So I’ve enjoyed some of the reviews of Serenity, which I’m looking forward to seeing, and I just sat down to try to sit through Power Line‘s review, which is typically long-winded and unnecessarily wordy, and then I got to this:

A fair amount of the plot rests on the ability of the Asian-American actress who plays River to seem special and interesting; she is, in fact, special and interesting.

Uh, Summer Glau? Asian American? What? Am I completely insane? Or is he seeing things and feels like he needs to point them out? A) why mention that at all — there’s no need to clarify who River is, seeing as how she’s sort of what the movie is about. B) She’s not Asian-American. C) It’s a movie, dude. Take a deep breath.

So just to clarify, in case I am insane and Glau turns out to be a popular Cantonese name I wasn’t aware of, he didn’t say “the African-American actress who plays Zoe” or “The Canadian Albertan actor who plays Mal”. It’s just so weird. Or, I dunno, maybe he just got confused about all the Chinese.