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The First Step Is Admitting You Have a Problem

Yes yes, Europe is a social-justice paradise. Meanwhile, the Paris riots are in day 5 and since the start of the year 9,000 police cars have been stoned and, each night, 20 to 40 cars are torched in just that one suburb. Now, I know that in France a Fiat is considered a sweet ride, […]

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An Appropriate Response

I haven’t seen much in the ‘sphere about the Delhi bombings. Here’s a good one: Anthroblogogy – they Bombed Delhi, the Bastards See? Emotion. That makes good blogging.

Categories: War and Peace

My Favourite Movie Reviewer

Blackfive – Jarhead I’ve kept checking in with him since I saw the preview a couple weeks ago, cuz I knew he’d say something about it. And, sure enough…

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The Lawyers Are Going Broadway

I can just imagine a bunch of guys in suits swinging around the alleys behind their law offices singing this: Wheat & Weeds – Scalito To the tune of “Maria”:<br/> Alito . . .(sings)The most beautiful sound I ever heard:<br/> Alito, Alito, Alito, Alito . . .<br/> All the beautiful sounds of the world in […]

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Sittin On the Steps Of the Tenement Building, Wasting Time.

Four nights of rioting? I wish I had that much free time. LGF – Fourth Night of Muslim Riots in Paris Don’t they have to get up in the morning to get to work?

Categories: Geography and Foreign Affairs

Where the Policewomen Wear Six Inch Stiletto Heels

Can a place like that be all bad? The Sunday Telegraph – In Odessa, don’t lose your passport. By Mary Wakefield Now, granted, she’s tired and cranky so people are bound to come off in less than a flattering light to her, but still. I mean, sheesh.

Categories: Geography and Foreign Affairs

Backpacks, Treason, and Plot

I love brushing off anachronisms and making them suitable to modern sensibilities. Telegraph – Home front. By Philip Johnston<br/> Remember, remember, and credit society with moving on They would be better off sticking with Article 3 of the 1848 Treason Act, under which it is an offence to “express, utter, or declare, by publishing any […]

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The Holier-Than-Thou Act is Getting Confusing

Times Online – Crushing freedom’s voice, by William Rees-Mogg<br/> US prosecutors are blackmailing the press and perverting the Constitution in pursuit of Lewis Libby A FREE PRESS is the guarantee of everybody’s freedom; the confidentiality of its information is the condition of a free press, and of its ability to report the real world. This […]

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Still, I'd Rather Alan Titchmarsh Planted My Border Than the Pope.

The Sunday Times – Tone it down, gurus, by INDIA KNIGHT Our interests used to be called hobbies. You liked gardening or DIY or buying clothes or cooking. You watched Fanny Craddock or Percy Thrower on the television — entertaining eccentrics who offered suggestions. But now that the culture has become so secularised and obsessed […]

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Secret Orders of the Knights of Martyred Saints Bent on Vengeance Is Exactly What Is Wrong With American Suburban Spread

Apparently curses have to comply with the Human Rights Act. Telegraph – Debenhams, you have been warned. We are the knights who say No. Mark us well: divine vengeance will be ours. By Adam Lusher Which is where St Edmund and the divine smiting come in. The saint was martyred by marauding Vikings in 870. […]

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That Means I Didn't Sleep In!

Daylight Savings, everyone! Thank god for LGF or it would have taken me days to notice the computer didn’t square up with the wall clocks.

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My Poor Europe

Wednesday (I found an article about this on Monday: Melanie Philips – Britain’s unseen race riots The appearance of a muted handful of opinion pieces today about the rioting in Birmingham last weekend merely serves to highlight the fact — as Alice Miles in the Times actually says —that so few people have said anything […]

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What Utter and Complete Crap

LGF – Aussie Police Told to Show Tolerance for Wife-Beating Political correctness was supposed to work against domestic abuse, and now it’s encouraging it! As long as it’s not a member of your own family, eh?

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An International Children's Film Festival!

And I know just who to send for the American Blogging Delegation! Telegraph – What makes a children’s film great?<br/> Next month, London hosts its first ever Children’s Film Festival. Here SF Said explores the curious magic that gives this overlooked genre its particular power, while our critics choose their top 20 kids’ movies of […]

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The Aussies Are Getting Cheeky

Telegraph – If you want to succeed, follow us Down Under. By Lynton Crosby Let me get it over with right now: yes, you won the Ashes. Well done. You would win one day. Once every couple of decades is fair enough. Enjoy the victory while you can. Cricket, Crocodile Dundee, sheilas, the barbie and […]

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